Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First time Off Road!

A Day that Changed the Path of My Life

This was the day my Jeep Life morphed from daily driver to weekend warrior. I would soon come to find my new passion would become off-roading. Little did I know that day how it would completely change my life. My Jeep and off-roading would take me on so many adventures to amazing places. 

My First Time of Road 👉 Watch Here

Off-Road Consulting Class 👉 Watch Here

My First Time on the Trails

I got up early to embark on a three-hour drive to Pennsylvania. My destination was Rausch Creek Off-road Park. I had arranged a one-on-one off-road driving instruction session. I was eager to learn more about my Jeep and its features,  and finally get out on the trails to learn how to drive off-road. It was something I had never experienced and had no idea what to expect. 


Nervous Excitement

First time off camber. 

My nerves on edge and my tummy filled with anxious butterflies, I walked up to the window to check in. My instructor, Kyle, was there to greet me. He set my nerves at ease with his easy going welcoming personality. We wasted no time and began the training. I was thrilled when I finally engaged 4-wheel low and drove a few circles in a dirt lot to get a feel for my Jeep's capabilities.

Learning the Ropes

I was so pumped when I finally engaged 4 wheel low! I drove a few circles in the dirt lot so I could get the feel of the differences in my Jeep before we headed out for the trails.

Off-Roading 101 with Kyle

An Amazing Day! 

Kyle is a well-educated and seasoned professional trainer. He is knowledgeable about the capabilities of my Jeep. He explained them in terms I understood. Plus, it helped that I was an experienced driver in the snow and ice.

Facing My Fears

First time off camber. 

As I tackled the first incline, I was nervous about tipping over. However, after seeing a picture of the incline, I realized it wasn't as bad as it felt. Something I remind myself still to this day.  I continued to learn, navigating washouts, hills, mud, and rocks without damaging my Jeep.

Traversing the Trails

Kyle took me and my Jeep through wash outs, up and down hills, through the mud and over rocks. I didn't even damage my Jeep at all. I did hear some clanks and bangs -- only four -- so I think I did pretty good.

Mastering the Hill Descent Control

One of the coolest things I learned was about the Hill Descent Control button. I was amazed at what my Jeep could do without my help, and it gave Knight Rider's Kit a run for its money.

What is Hill Descent Control 👉 Read More

First Time Water Forging

First time taking my Jeep through water. 

Kyle even took me through the center of a pond, which was a scary feeling, but I trusted my Jeep. I was reminded that my Jeep is not just a toy, but also my mommy vehicle for daily tasks.

Manual Automatic Transmission Magic

Another feature I learned to use was the manual automatic transmission, also called autostick. This is second nature to me since I grew up driving a manual transmission with a clutch. 

How to Use Autostick 👉 Watch Here

At the time, I wasn't ready for more difficult rockier trails. It was a fantastic day and  I was eager to  take another class so I could venture out on my own.  I didn't know where it would lead me at the time but it was all an amazing journey.

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