Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First time Off Road!

This is the day my Jeep Life morphed from daily driver to weekend warrior. #JeepAddiction I have sure come a long way.

100th Post!!!

Happy Anniversary Jeep!

Today is my 100th post! As I write this I also realize that one year ago today my husband gave me the best gift any wife could get! It's the 1st Anniversary of the day I got my Jeep. How fitting that this 100th post on my 1st anniversary is about my 1st off roading experience. Hmmm... Put those numbers together and you get 1-1-1. Interesting.

Sunday morning I got up early and hit the road for a three hour drive to Pennsylvania. I was headed to Rausch Creek Adventures for my own personal, one on one, off road, driving instruction. I was looking forward to learning more about my Jeep and her fantastic features. I was finally going to get out on the trails and learn how to drive off road.

When I pulled into the parking lot of Rausch Creek it was like I stepped into the world of testosterone. There were gigantic trucks with trailers, rock crawlers, and super modified Jeeps filling up the gravel lot. It was a little intimidating driving in with my teeny, tiny stock Wrangler Unlimited. As I stepped out of my Jeep I entered into a sea of mostly men. I held my head high and marched up to the office like I knew what I was doing. Ha! 

My nerves on edge and my tummy filled with anxious butterflies, I walked up to the window to check in. My instructor Kyle was there to greet me. He was warm and very welcoming. He set my nerves at ease. I was looking forward to getting out on the trails. We got started right away. I was so pumped when I finally engaged 4 wheel low! I drove a few circles in the dirt lot so I could get the feel of the differences in my Jeep before we headed out for the trails. 

Kyle is a well educated and seasoned professional trainer. He is knowledgeable about the capabilities of my Jeep. He explained them in terms I understood. Plus, it helped that I was an experienced driver in the snow and ice.  

When I hit the first incline I was a anxious about tipping over. But then when I saw this picture -- it put it all in perspective. It wasn't as bad as it felt. It sure felt a lot steeper inside the Jeep.

Kyle took me and my Jeep through wash outs, up and down hills, through the mud and over rocks. I didn't even damage my Jeep at all. I did hear some clanks and bangs -- only four -- so I think I did pretty good.

One of the coolest things Kyle taught me was about my Hill Descent Control button. Okay, so I knew I had it, and what it was for. But Oh... My... Goodness... -- I didn't really understand until I pushed the button and put it to use. Knight Rider look out... My Jeep will give Kit a run for his money. I was so amazed at what my Jeep did down the hill without my help! Let's just say if you want to find out I suggest you get your own Jeep! 

Kyle took me straight through the center of a pond! Which was quite a scary feeling knowing that if I sink my Jeep she's a goner. My Jeep is my mommy vehicle. I take her to the grocery store, pick the kids up at school, and take her on our family vacations. Plus I still have many, many months of car payments left.  

Another feature on my Jeep I truly didn't understand until I used it, the manual automatic transmission. HA! who knew I didn't need a clutch. The best thing for Kyle was not having to explain the basics of a manual transmission to me. I grew up driving a manual transmission WITH A CLUTCH. So using this feature was second nature to me. I didn't even need to think about using it I just did it.    

Another feature on my Jeep is the traction control. I can't even begin to explain it, but I know it when I feel it. Again natural instincts just kick in, and you know what and how to maneuver your Jeep. My first time was a little shaky, but I made it through. It will just take some more practice, but first hand experience is the only way to learn. 

I am by no means ready for some of the bigger rockier trails, but someday maybe. Right now, I will savor the great day I had. I look forward to heading out again real soon. There is one more class I would like to take before venturing out on my own. Once I do that the time will come to figure out what to do with my Jeep. Will I want bigger tires? A lift? It's all about the lifestyle I want to lead with my Jeep. My thoughts are turning more of daily driver - Weekend Warrior. But how Warrior will I need to go. The only way to find out is to get out there and experience the ride! And no day is complete unless you can come home with a dirty Jeep!

    -- Simple Living! -- Enjoying Life! -- The Jeep Momma Way --

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