Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Wild Boar Grab Handle Install

A Pillar Grab Handle a Must! 

With a lifted Jeep have the A pillar grab handles helps getting into my Jeep much easier for my passengers as well. I went with the Wild Boar grab handles I found on Amazon and they have turned out to be a great modification for my Jeep

Wild Boar Grab A Pillar Grab Handle 👉 Buy Here

I have seen many Jeepers with these "Oh Shit" handles. They look super easy to install. I found a video on YouTube that made it look real easy. 👉 Watch Here

Simple and Easy, or so it looks. There are two stand off's for each handle. You insert the bolt through the handle into the stand off. Then you line up the bolt with the holes on the A pillar. Easy right?! 

I was having one heck of a time trying to line up the bolt just right to go into the existing A pillar holes. Finally after two hours, of jiggling, maneuvering, manipulating the bolts, swearing and screaming, I was able to get the bolts lined up, and in the holes. Then with a couple of spins of the ratchet screwdriver, I tighten them up, and they were ready to go.

I don't know how that YouTuber in the install video was able to line up the bolts so easily. Maybe it's a guy thing. Even though I had a difficult time lining up the bolts, these grab handles are tough and sturdy, that's for sure. 

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