Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Auxbeam LED Headlight Install

A common Jeep Wrangler complaint are the lackluster headlights. The OEM headlights are not that bright and driving at night can be difficult. 

Auxbeam LED Headlights

Auxbeam sent me a set of LED headlights to test out. Auxbeam LED headlights 7" 60 Watt Round Hi-Lo Beam LED Headlights with Atmosphere Function for the Jeep Wrangler. 

Headlight Install Steps

Jeep Grille Removal

First you need to remove your Jeep Grille. 👉 Read More

These headlights are plug-in. Super easy to install. Remove the bezzle, plug in, and line up the tabs on the headlights.  

Headlight Install Video 👉 Watch Here

The Auxbeam headlights fit just fine. It is a really easy install if you don't overthink it. After a while I began to have a flicker issue. After much investigation, I realized it is not the headlight and many LED aftermarket headlights have the same issue. The aftermarket plugs and the OEM plug just don't match up good enough. 

My Headlight Flicker Solution 👉 Read More

My Headlight Review 👉 Read More


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