Tuesday, March 21, 2017

UndertheSunInserts Review

Oh No! What happened to my Jeep! My purple grille inserts have been replaced. How in the world did this happen? Well keep reading and you will find out.

On Episode 29 of the Jeep Talk Call In Show Tony and myself interviewed Joe from Under The Sun Inserts. The founders and owners of are two good Jeep friends who offer custom made grille inserts for the Wranglers and TJ's. 

Well after the show Joe and I got to talking. He shared with 
me how easy they are to install. Truthfully the idea of changing my Jeep grille caused me some anxiety. 

But hey! Change is a good thing! Right!?! 

Joe understood my hesitation and suggested a purple American Flag. I agreed to give it a shot and review the custom made grille. So this past weekend that's what I did.  

The install was so easy. The first step is to pull back your grille. This is very easy to do. Just follow Step One from my post from August 25, 2016 when I replaced my headlights. 

Took about 2 minutes, once I removed my purple grille inserts, which by the way are still intact. I can switch them out when ever the mood strikes. 

These grille inserts are so much easier than some of the homemade, DIY, ideas you find on the internet. These aluminum inserts are durable and strong. Easy to clean up with a spray of your garden hose.

The best part... they are like a t-shirt for your Jeep. You could get one for every season. Chose from their many styles or get one custom made.  

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