Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tuffy Security Console Insert Jeep Install

Enhancing Security and Convenience in Your Jeep

Tuffy Security Console

Security Console Insert for Jeep Wrangler 

In the world of Jeep enthusiasts, the safety of our belongings in our Jeeps, particularly for those with soft tops, is a paramount concern. To address this issue, I went with the Tuffy Products JKU Security Console Insert, a fully enclosed 16-gauge steel console safe that combines security and convenience while preserving the sleek lines of the factory center console.

I use mine all the time to keep my valuables locked up, especially when I am topless in my Jeep. 

Tuffy Center Console for the Jeep Wrangler 👉 Buy Here

Key Lockable - Tuffy Center Console

This heavy-duty, lockable console drops into the factory console. It effectively shields valuables from potential theft. It stands as an ideal solution for keeping valuables secure, especially during those open-top adventures, providing me peace of mind for my valuables. 

Jeep Momma Install Video 👉 Watch Here

Step by Step Install

Tools needed for install

Gather necessary tools & supplies. Then remove your personal items from your center console. 

Plastic Tool Removal Kit 👉 Buy Here

Step 1 

Remove console rear plastic panel. 

Using the plastic trim tool to remove center console plastic

Removal of the back of the center console

Step 2 

Remove plastic hinge cover panel. 

Using the trim tool to remove plastic hinge cover

The plastic hinge cover

Step 3

Remove plastic tray & remove the liner. 

Removal of the plastic tray & liner

Step 4 

Remove the cover attached with four screws. 


Center Console Cover

Step 5

Insert the Tuffy insert then re-install the cover placing the hinge under the Tuffy insert mounting plate. That's it! Super easy, and now your valuables are secure.   

I purchased this product. This review is not sponsored not paid for. 

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