Thursday, August 17, 2017

Center Console Insert Install

Jeepers are always concerned about the safety of the "stuff" we have in our Jeeps. Especially us soft top owners. So I purchased the Tuffy Products JKU Security Console Insert.

The Wranglers do have a locking center console, but this extra added locking insert adds a peace of mind for me. Keeping my valuables safe during those topless days is important!

Made from 1/8" steel and a pry-guard locking system this product is made to fit into the factory console keeping the factory look. It's a durable product and a very simple install.

Tuffy Products JK Security Console Insert
 - Step by Step Install

Gather necessary tools & supplies

Remove personal items from center console 

Remove console rear plastic panel 

Remove plastic hinge cover panel

Remove plastic tray
Remove liner 

Remove the cover

 (4 screws) 

Insert the Tuffy insert. Re-install the cover placing the hinge under the Tuffy insert mounting plate.

That's it! Super easy, and now your valuables are secure.   

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