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Jeep Lockable Storage Ideas

Safeguard Your Valuable Gear with Tuffy Products

There’s nothing quite like the joy of driving your Jeep with the wind tousling your hair and the sun warming your face as you navigate through city streets or rugged trails. But, let’s face it, going topless also sometimes comes with the anxiety of leaving your valuables exposed when you're parked. 

That’s where Tuffy Products swoop in to save the day! Their robust, lockable storage units are designed to secure your belongings, allowing you to enjoy your adventures without a worry. In my constant search of new fun aftermarket accessories for my Jeep I found some great storage ideas. 

The In-Floor Locking Cubby Cover

Tuffy Products In-Floor Locking Cubby Cover

This cover easily replaces the factory cover with no drilling required. It features the company’s exclusive Pry-Guard locking system with a double bitted security lock and built-in weather seals. It will also secure the jack underneath. It works for the JK and JL both 2 door and 4 door models. Tuffy says it's a quick and easy install.  

In-Floor Locking Cubby Cover 👉Buy Here

Slip-in Center Console Safe

This console retains a completely stock console appearance while allowing full use of the arm rest and factory USB Port. I love mine. It's a great place to keep my valuables locked up when I want that added extra security. Now they have a three digit combination option. 

Check out my Step-by-Step Install Guide 👉 Read More 

Slip-in Center Console Safe 👉 Buy Here

Tailgate Lockbox Tailgate Molle Storage

Tuffy Products Tailgate Lockbox with Molle Panel

This lockbox secures to the inside of the Jeep Wrangler's tailgate. It provides storage for tools, camping gear and recovery equipment. The door folds down to doubling as a worktable that can support 40 pounds. It comes with two removable shelves. It's available for the JK and JL 2 door and 4 door models. Some drilling is required.  

Tailgate Molle Storage 👉 Buy Here

Rear Cargo Enclosure 

Rear Cargo Enclosure

This rear deck enclosure lid can secure all your items in the back. It uses Tuffy's security system that works in conjunction with the Jeep's locking tailgate. The lid, vertical front and side panels can be easily removed when you need to transport large object.  

Rear Cargo Lockable Enclosure 👉Buy Here

This blog post was NOT sponsored nor did I receive any compensation from Tuffy Products. 

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