Monday, November 6, 2017

Project 100 Challenge

It's An On Going Process - Clearing the Clutter

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Finding New Ways to Reduce the Stuff in My Life

As I get older I find having stuff is not really that important in my life. As a matter of fact I don't like having a lot of stuff. 

Several years ago, I began a life journey. I was searching for something, but I didn't know what it was. My kids were older, and there need for me changed. I was left with an emptiness I needed to fill. So a new life journey began. Along the way I began to share what I found helpful for me. 

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A Journey of Simplicity and Purpose

Discovering more about myself has been a transformative experience. I've found a new sense of confidence and self-assurance, reigniting passions I long forgot or didn't realize were central to me. However, as time passed, this personal revival wasn't enough. I've discovered joy in decluttering my life through challenges such as Project 100 or simplification techniques. These efforts provide me with more time to relish the things I truly love.

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Embracing a Simpler Life

This exploration has got me thinking about what truly contributes to happiness. I began embracing life by paring down possessions and simplifying my lifestyle. It's an ongoing, evolving process for me.

One significant change was altering my approach to Christmas decorations. Previously, I used to decorate seven Christmas trees, a time-consuming tradition that I once enjoyed. However, as my life goals shifted, it became more of a burdensome task than a joyful tradition.

Rethinking Traditions and Clutter

Realizations dawned upon me: many elements in our lives are mere clutter, obstructing our experiences, distractions from the true meaning of things. Consequently, I'm committed to discarding unnecessary possessions. Life, I believe, shouldn't revolve around accumulating things but rather around accumulating memories and experiences.

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Project 100: A Personal Challenge

Inspiration struck when I encountered a fellow enthusiast of decluttering, starting her version of Project 100. Researching this project unveiled numerous individuals setting their own rules and embarking on this minimalistic journey.

Project 100 aims to live with just 100 items, with participants establishing their own criteria. My personal journey with Project 100 began by streamlining my personal items, currently down to 60. I've chosen to count some items collectively, such as yoga equipment or computer setups, but individual items like shoes and coats are accounted for separately.

Evolving Project and Gaining Perspective

My Project 100 is an ongoing evolution. Initiating with a decluttering process, it also resulted in earning approximately $400 through yard sales and online selling.

Liberating Benefits of Decluttering

The act of removing items from my life has alleviated mental burdens and reduced unnecessary stress. It's become a cathartic process for me.

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Exploring Alternatives

For those finding the concept of living with only 100 items too daunting, the Reverse Project 100 offers an alternative. This challenge focuses on discarding 100 items within a set period, making the process of giving away or selling belongings more manageable for those who find extreme minimalism challenging.

This journey towards simplicity has not only reshaped my physical space but also redefined my perspective on life and the pursuit of true contentment.

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