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Finding My Peace Through Faith

Rediscovering Jesus

The day I headed out West. 

The past decade has been a rollercoaster ride filled with so much turmoil. I did a lot of soul searching and took several leaps of faith. I lost a lot but gained so much more. There were times of great joy and some of the lowest moments in my life. 

During this bumpy ride, I took steps to start living my best life. I decluttered my stuff, relationships and time. I found my passion and started new hobbies. It wasn't until recently I realized, during all these steps I had been missing the most important step to a better life. 

Building a Relationship with God

Tammy filled with peace. 

Rediscovering Jesus and building a relationship with God lead me to an inner peace. I have learned the power of forgiveness and letting go. The power of forgiving myself for my choices and the power to forgive those who betrayed me. I don't worry about the stories told about me and what others think of me because in the end only God matters. 

In a world filled with chaos, uncertainty, and constant change, finding peace seems like an elusive dream. Many of us search for tranquility and a sense of purpose in various ways, but often, the answer lies closer than we think. Rediscovering Jesus and fostering a relationship with God can bring profound peace and transform your life in remarkable ways.

Rediscovering Jesus

God's beautiful flowers. 

For those of us who grew up in a Christian environment or have been exposed to the teachings of Jesus, it's not uncommon to drift away or lose sight of our faith amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. However, taking steps to reconnect with Jesus can be a life-changing decision. Here's what I did.

Reflect on Your Journey

Spend time reflecting on your spiritual journey. Consider the moments when you felt closest to Jesus and the factors that contributed to that connection. Reflect on what caused the distance in your relationship with Him. This self-awareness is the first step towards rekindling your faith.

Engage with Scripture

The Bible is a powerful tool for understanding the teachings of Jesus and God's plan for us. Make it a habit to read the Bible regularly. Start with the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) to revisit the life and teachings of Jesus. Allow His words to guide and inspire you.

Prayer and Meditation

Prayer is a direct line of communication with God. Set aside time each day to pray and meditate. Share your thoughts, concerns, and gratitude with Him. Through prayer, you can develop a deeper, more personal relationship with God and feel His presence in your life.

Building a Relationship with God

A strong relationship with God is the cornerstone of a peaceful and fulfilling life. Here’s how nurturing this relationship can positively impact your life:

Inner Peace

One of the most profound benefits of a relationship with God is the inner peace that comes with it. Trusting in God's plan and knowing that He is in control can alleviate anxiety and stress. This peace transcends understanding and remains steadfast even in the face of life's challenges.

Guidance and Purpose

When you build a relationship with God, you gain a sense of purpose and direction. God has a unique plan for each of us, and through prayer and reflection, you can discern His will for your life. This guidance helps you make decisions aligned with your true calling and values.

Community and Support

Being part of a faith community can provide immense support and encouragement. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who share your beliefs can strengthen your faith and provide a network of love and support. Engaging in fellowship activities, attending church, and participating in Bible studies can enrich your spiritual journey.

Forgiveness and Redemption

Understanding God's grace and forgiveness is a transformative experience. No matter your past mistakes or shortcomings, God’s love and mercy are always available. Embracing this forgiveness allows you to let go of guilt and shame, paving the way for healing and growth.

Living a Better Life

A life anchored in faith and a relationship with God is inherently richer and more fulfilling. Here are some practical ways to integrate your faith into everyday life:

Acts of Kindness and Service

Living out the teachings of Jesus through acts of kindness and service to others brings immense joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s volunteering, helping a neighbor, or simply showing compassion, these acts reflect God's love and make the world a better place.

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Cultivating a mindset of gratitude and mindfulness can transform your perspective. Regularly thank God for His blessings and be mindful of His presence in your daily life. This practice fosters contentment and joy.

Healthy Habits

Embrace habits that nurture both your body and soul. Exercise, eat healthily, get enough rest, and spend time in nature. These practices honor the body God has given you and enhance your overall well-being.

Seek Wisdom

Continually seek wisdom through prayer, scripture, and the counsel of trusted spiritual mentors. This wisdom will guide you through life’s complexities and help you grow in your faith.

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