Thursday, December 21, 2017

Protecting My Jeep: New Skids

A Lesson in Rear Lower Control Arm Skids

Jeep Wrangler In the Garage
Oil Change

Banged Up Rear Control Arm Bracket

While I had my Jeep in the shop for an oil change, it was pointed out to me that I could use some protection on my rear lower control arms. Here's how I discovered the need an took steps to fortify my Jeep.

The rear control arm brackets are a low point in the back of my Jeep. Over the years, I've scraped them on a few rocks. Although they weren't severely damaged, they were on the way to becoming a problem. The bolts holding the shocks in place were getting deformed from all the scraping over rocks.

Updated 2024: These control arm skids have taken a beating over the years. They have definitely protected that low spot on my Jeep.

Banged Up Rear Control Arm Bracket

Scraped up Bolt from the Rocks.

Adrenaline Off Road Garage

The new skid plates I got are weld-ons. This is the first Jeep part I had welded onto my vehicle. When I first bought my Jeep, I would have cringed at the thought, but now I understand what it takes to fortify my Jeep for the trails.

Adrenaline Off Road Garage
Mike Welding on Skid Plates
Mike from Adrenaline Off Road 

Rear Shock Protection

These weld-on brackets offer protection for your control arm joints and rear shocks, preventing your factory control arm brackets from bending.

These skids are constructed of 3/16″ steel, laser cut and CNC bent. They conform directly to the rear JK lower control arm brackets, providing robust protection.

Rear Shock

Mike working on my mounts. 

Shout Out!

A big SHOUT OUT to Adrenaline Off Road for the great suggestion. I would have never known you could add this to your Jeep. Also, a SHOUT OUT to Mike for being patient with me, answering my many questions, and explaining the step-by-step process for getting these skids welded on.

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