Thursday, December 14, 2017

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount

Jeep Phone Mount: Money Well Spent

67 Designs Phone Mount

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount 👉 Buy Here

Install Video 👉 Watch Here

Super easy install in existing factory screw on your Jeep's Dash.  I love that I can rotate my phone 360 degrees on the 20 mm ball for a portrait or landscape orientation.

It's a simple one handed operation - no buttons to open or release the device. Just push one side away and slide in the phone.  After trying other phone mounts in my Jeep this one is my favorite. 

Simple & Easy Install 

Step 1

Remove the plastic change tray on your dash. 

Dash plastic change tray

Step 2

There is a OEM hex head screw in place that you use to attach the phone mount. Unscrew this screw.

OEM hex head screw removal
Step 3

Attach the 20 mm ball mount in the dash with the OEM hex head screw.  

67 Designs Ball Mount

Step 4

Attach the carbon fiber arm to the 20mm ball mount.

67 Designs Arm & Mount

Step 5

Attach the Universal Aluminum Squeeze mount with 20 mm ball to the carbon fiber arm. 

^& Designs Phone Mount

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