Thursday, December 14, 2017

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount

Jeep Phone Mount: Money Well Spent

67 Designs Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount 👉 Buy Here

Install Video 👉 Watch Here

Simple & Easy Install 

Step 1

Remove the plastic change tray on your dash. 

Step 2

There is a OEM hex head screw in place that you use to attach the phone mount. Unscrew this screw.

Step 3

Attach the 20 mm ball mount in the dash with the OEM hex head screw.  

Step 4

Attach the carbon fiber arm to the 20mm ball mount.

Step 5

Attach the Universal Aluminum Squeeze mount with 20 mm ball to the carbon fiber arm. 

I love that I can rotate my phone 360 degrees on the 20 mm ball for a portrait or landscape orientation.

It's a simple one handed operation - no buttons to open or release the device. Just push one side away and slide in the phone.

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