Monday, February 26, 2018

Tire Deflators Pro Review

J.T. Brooks Tire Deflators
Off-Road Gear Must Have

Rausch Creek Off Road Park

One of the first accessories I bought for off-roading were my tire deflators. A set of four J.T. Brooks Automatic Tire Deflators. They make for a quick, easy airing down. The orginal set took quite a few steps to calibrate. When they came out with the Pro series I went right out and bought them. 

This accessory has been an awesome addition to my off road gear. I use them every time I go off-road. I even loan them out to others when I am on the trail. The pro series are so easy to set. You just dial in your desired PSI and start deflating. Spot on every time. 

Depending on where you get them the Pro version are about $30 more. They are so worth the extra money. They are super easy to set.

They are super easy to set. Loosen the lock ring (nut) until you see the PSI Scale. 

Then you turn the adjustment knob or body until your desired PSI lines up with the top of the body. Then tighten the lock ring carefully. You don't want to turn the adjustment knob. 

This is an approximate PSI. You will want to test them out to verify your PSI. I suggest you do this before you hit the trails. That's precisely what I did in the video below. Thankfully I tested them out, because I adjusted mine all wrong. They ended up being set to zero. I set the PSI to the top of the lock ring not the top of the body. I should of read the directions. Lesson learned, read the directions carefully. 

I didn't the first time and dialed them into the wrong place.   
These are super easy to set (if you read the directions). And super easy to use. Plus you can see how close I was to 15 PSI in the video below. Well worth the $99 for the set of Pros. 

JT Brooks Tire Deflators Pro - - $99.95

Craftsman 120 volt portable inflator - - $79.00

Tire Pressure Guage - - $27.90

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