Thursday, February 8, 2018

Top Must-Have Mods to Your Jeep

Off-Road Readiness

Here are my Top 5 Modifications to make to your Jeep Wrangler for off-road readiness. These Top 5 aren't all the modifications you can make, but a great basic start. 

Top 5 Jeep Mods for Off-Road Readiness - 👉 Watch Here

Front Bumper Install

Tow Points

When you go off-roading there is always a possibility your Jeep could get stuck. To help in your recovery efforts you should have good, strong tow points on your Jeep. I decided this was the first place for me to start. I replaced my plastic bumper and hook type tow points with a steel metal bumper.

Installing my rock sliders 

Rock Sliders

While I off-roading in my stock Sahara my plastic side step would get caught up on a rock. One time a rock pulled off my side step. However, I was able to knock it back into place.  I would have been better off with out them. Jeep states in the owners manual that the side step needs to be removed for any sort of off-roading. 

If you are in a Sahara with the side steps the Jeep manual states they must be removed before you hit the trails. I learned this lesson the hard way. 

My purple diff cover 

Aftermarket Diff Cover

It seems I am always running into rocks. The first thing they hit are my diff covers. I replaced mine with the Riddler Diff Covers which are cast from high grade iron with a lip free transition. This helps prevent a rock from 'grabbing' the cover. 

Installing my engine skid

Skid Plates

Your stock Jeep is outfitted with some skid plates and they hold up well in mild to medium rock crawling. Your transmission and oil pan are not protected. I added the M.O.R.E oil and tranny skid plate. 

My lower control arm skids 

I also added skid plate to the rear control arm and shock mounts. That's another place I tend to get hung up on. I used the EVO Rear Lower Control Arm Skids.

Air Dam Removal

What is an air dam? It is a piece of plastic under the front of your Jeep. Some say it's to help hood flutter, some say it's to prevent debris from flying up into your engine or possibly to keep your engine cooler or even lowering your MPG. Whatever it does I ended up removing mine when I installed my new front bumper. This plastic piece also has a potential to being ripped off while rock crawling. 

My factory air dam


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