Monday, March 19, 2018

Wheeling in Maryland

A couple of weeks ago on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast, which by the way I am a co-host, I mentioned there is no legal place to wheel in Maryland. Well, I stand corrected. Gary, from the Northwest Jeepcast, was our guest the night I made that statement. He shared with me this website -

The website is in the beta stages of creating off road trail guides for all 50 states and US Territories. One of the trails featured is the Frederick Watershed. 

The best thing about this "trail" is... it is only 45 minutes from where I live. I was excited because my family was willing to join me off-roading in my Jeep which is rare!

Getting my family to wheel with me is a challenge. The closest place I wheel is three hours one way. That is one of the main reasons they don’t go with me.

We spent the day wheeling around the Frederick Watershed just outside Frederick, Maryland. It is fifteen minutes outside of Frederick, a 7000-acre oasis.

This watershed forest has over 11 miles of gravel, dirt, and slightly rocky roads coursing throughout the forest with a creek meandering through. The technical rating is a 1 to 2... Dry dirt road, less than 3" water crossing depth, some ruts, slight grades up to 10 degrees.

I drove the whole route in two wheel drive. Now the rain or snow could make it four wheel drive necessary. The gravel roads are not plowed when it snows so this will make a fun place to wheel in the snow.

These easy roads would certainly not be considered an off-road destination, but they are a great way to spend a few hours exploring the forest.  It was a perfect day to spend with tmy family exploring the creeks, getting my tires a little muddy, and capturing some pretty videos…. of my Jeep.

My youngest son had a great time. He wants us to do more of these day trips. Well, luck is on my side. I discovered some more scenic dirt roads in Maryland I will have to explore.

The Greenridge State Forset, and this cool website has some more trail routes in my area - Rural Roads in Frederick, Maryland.


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