Thursday, December 6, 2018

Bucket List: Bourbon Street CHECK

As I neared my 50th birthday I began to realize life was passing me by and it scared me immensely, so I began to  evaluate my life. In that process, I made many changes. I dug deep to Find My Passion, created a Bucket List for the first time, which changes as I change, and began living a more simple life. Living a more Simple Life gives you the freedom and time to Enjoy Life ~ enjoy the things that really make you happy ~ and helps to get rid of the things that keep you from that happiness. 

An opportunity arose at the end of November. With my freed up time and money saved from my new simple life, I was able to spend the weekend checking off Bourbon Street from my bucket list. 

What an amazing trip thanks to my niece and her boyfriend who invited me to join them on a weekend getaway to the Big Easy. I went down to conquer Bourbon Street and came back with so much more than I ever expected. 

New Orleans is an amazing place with a vibe that no words can describe, a vibe you can only experience. The city is immensely rich in history, one weekend isn't enough to take it all in. Things to Do Blog Post - Coming Soon.

The French Quarter has so much more to offer than music and drinking. Like most cities in the South with many historic stories to be told, the stories New Orleans has to offer gave me chill bumps. Vampires & Ghosts Blog Post 

New Orleans is known to be the Most Haunted City in America. Knowing that we took a Vampires and Ghosts Walking Tour and a St. Louis Cemetery Tour - History Blog Post Coming Soon.

We spent most of our time exploring the French Quarter, New Orleans' oldest neighborhood. The nights were spent carousing up and down Bourbon Street dancing, drinking, and people watching. And grabbing a string of beads or two. There is no other street like this in America. It's an all day and night party with bars, restaurants, shops  and strip clubs lining the sidewalks. 

During these jaunts up and down Bourbon Street we made several stops to our favorite bars and of course trying out the several "must try" drinks New Orleans has to offer - Blog Post on the Top 5 Drinks of New Orleans ever tourist must try out - Coming Soon

What an amazing city with so much culture, history and great times! A weekend does not give you the time you need to really explore this unique city. I look forward to another visit real soon. Don't forget to stay tuned for more about my Bucket List Trip to New Orleans. 

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