Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Trail Guide Training Class

Trail Guide Training

My Jeep journey has been one amazing adventure. In May of 2013 when I asked the Jeep salesman what was the difference between the three Jeep models I would of never guessed I would have taken my Jeep on an off-road adventure. 

My first off road experience was with Kyle from Off-Road Consulting. The private 101 off-road driving course I took was just the beginning of a great addiction. 

During my first year I had two off-road training classes under my belt. I continued with many more trainings such as off-road recovery, map reading, and trail guide training.

I went from being one of the new Jeep women to now teaching and mentoring the new Jeep women coming into the fold. 

Kyle, Off-Road Consulting 

Kyle has an wealth of off-road knowledge to share. I was lucky to learn from one of the best in the industry. The many classes I have taken with Off-Road Consulting gave me great off-roading skills that will continue to grow even greater.

Kyle is a certified off-road trainer with i4WDTA, The International 4-wheel Driver's Training Association. He is lucky enough to have a job that is off-roading 7 days a week, most people's dream job. 

Trail Guide Training Class with Off-road Consulting 👉 Watch Here 

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