Tuesday, March 29, 2022

My Jeep Oil Leak Woes

I started to see oil spots on the driveway and in the garage. So I got under my Jeep and looked. UGH!!! I was quite sad. I wasn't exactly sure what happened. I shared the problem and pictures with a Jeep friend of mine, he said it looks like the oil filter housing adapter needs to be replaced. I took it to a mechanic here in Minnesota and he was right. 

The mechanic that is helping me says he sees this type of leak a lot because people over torque the plastic part and it cracks, plus cold temperatures make it worse.

I called around and three major auto parts stores shared, the factory part is no longer available and claimed it hasn't been available for a year and a half. So it looks like an upgrade is the only way to go. 

If you suspect this problem in your Jeep you better start hunting for the part now.
The Dorman aluminum aftermarket part is very, very hard to get. If one does come in it doesn't stay in the store for more than a day. 

Praying this is the only issue as that aftermarket part is expensive. I found the aftermarket part. $259.99. You need to buy the manifold set too, $51.99 easy to get.

I was informed by a friend who works for a garage that Jeep shows the OEM part is in stock. which I don't believe it's truly in stock, but I never checked.
The OEM part is listed at $424 WOW!!! $160 more for the crappy plastic part. Why even bother to see.
if it's in stock. 

The part came in as I was writing this post. The mechanic can install next week. WOOT WOOT.
It wasn't a Dorman though. There was a little misunderstanding when I bought this part. The Dorman can't be found in stock anywhere. This is not the OEM part but the Standard Autos Part which will also work. 

Just hoping it solves the problem. Next up is fixing unfinished work from the previous garage I was using. Installing aftermarket lower control arm brackets and the one shock mount. Plus, finishing the work on the axle truss. 


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