Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Tips: Places to Take Your Jeep

Jeeps can Go Anywhere, Do Anything!

The Mojave Desert

I have videos of all the places I have wheeled my Jeep on my YouTube Channel "Jeep Life with Jeep Momma" 👉 Watch Here. There are some videos that always seem to get those negative comments “That’s Not a Real Trail”.

Where to Wheel Your Jeep 👉 Watch Here

On the trails in the Mojave Desert

Off-road trails don't always have to be extreme with difficult rock obstacles on it to be a trail. It is completely okay if you only like to wheel those easy trails. We all have different likes and dislikes.

Driving out West

I have found I really enjoy those “Not Real” trails. I still like those adrenaline pumping trails, but to be out in my Jeep checking out the natural beauty of nature does wonders for my soul even if it’s on the black top.
Off road Insiders Podcast: Finding Trails 👉 Watch Here

Jeep Momma Tips to Finding "Not Trails"

1. Google Scenic By-ways to find some really great black top road trips. There is one in Moab that parallels the Colorado river. It is absolutely amazing. Hwy 95 from Blanding, Utah to Hanksville, Utah is most spectacular.

2. Change Map Settings if you aren’t in a hurry. If you use Google Maps to get to your location, go into your settings and click the avoid toll roads and highways. 

3. This website is cataloging trails all over the US. It will give you information such as length, difficulty, location, elevation, duration, plus a map with way points that has directions and mileage.

4. Black Canyon National Park a black top ride outside of Gunnison, Colorado on Hwy 92 through the Black Canyon National Park. If you are afraid of heights or ledges it’s a pretty intense Ride.
5. Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is another one. It’s said to be one of the most scenic drives. 

6. Backroads Books - Search for Backroads and 4 Wheel drive trails. There are guides for Colorado, Arizona, California and Moab. These guides have tons of photos that show the scenery as well as trouble spots. There are tips and advice from local experts to help get you through the trails. The trails are BLM approve and are legal routes.
7. TAT Trail - The founder Sam has been mapping public back roads and forest roads all over the United States for decades. He is still mapping. When he originally mapped the roads back in the 80’s all were gravel, but now some have been paved over time. This trail was originally designed for motorcyclists but Jeepers have begun to use these trails. It’s a great way to get away from big cities and get a look at America’s country Roads.  👉 Read More


  1. When I want to go out for a travel, I always definitely have to worry about carrying your luggage. I have Jeep Grand Cherokee roof racks cross bars. Happy travelling with them.

  2. You are so right Tammy! I would rather do the easier and intermediate trails. That's why I decided to do somewhat mild changes on my Jeep. I'm putting a new motor in it, new front bumper, f150 springs, etc. I want to have the new motor to make sure I get to the trails, instead of having all the suspension mods, etc, and be sitting at home with a dead motor, and wishing I could be out there!


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