Monday, June 15, 2020

Jeep Off-Road Trails and Wilderness Excursions in Colorado

Adventures off the Beaten Path

Chinaman's Gulch

Southern Colorado Trails 👉 Watch Here

Exploring the Trails in Colorado

Colorado is renowned for its exceptional off-roading opportunities. During 2020 and 2021, I had the chance to immerse myself in the beauty of the state. The mountainous terrain, though challenging, makes trail exploration in a Jeep truly rewarding.

Navigating the trails in winter and spring can be a bit tricky due to the lingering snow in the mountains. There are many trails that get closed during the snowy and muddy seasons and finding places to take my Jeep were challenging. 

Chinaman Gulch Trail Adventure

A fellow Jeep enthusiast who knew me from being a co-host on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast invited me to explore Chinaman Gulch Trail near Buena Vista, Colorado. This challenging trail remains open throughout the year, thanks to minimal snowfall. The experience was amazing as this was my first true trail to wheel in Colorado. It is considered a difficult trail to wheel and I did awesome. 

Chinaman's Gulch Trail Adventure 👉 Watch Here

Entrance to Chinaman's Gulch

Toll Road Gulch Mountain Pass

Bumble Bee - CJ5

We meet up again later for another trail ride. We picked Toll Road Gulch Mountain Pass a central meeting point. For this adventure, I opted to leave my Jeep at home and rode shotgun in a CJ5. The trail featured narrow switchbacks and daunting heights; they assured me that my JKU could have handled it, but it would have been a tight fit.

Amazing Views - Toll Road Gulch Trail

Our destination was Bonanza, a ghost town with a rich history in silver mining. Unfortunately, we couldn't reach the town due to snow covering parts of the trail at higher elevations. The views were amazing at the point we had to turn around. 

Toll Road Gulch Trail

Escalante Trail

Over Memorial Day weekend, I embarked on a road trip to Western Colorado for camping and more wheeling. I met some new Jeep friends and we wheeled Escalante Trail which had amazing views! We spent a night in the canyon and then another night up higher in elevation Uncompahgre National Forest, cold weather camping alongside the sounds of coyotes. Dispersed camping in the wilderness provided a peaceful experience, free from noisy tent neighbors.

Escalante Canyon, Colorado

At an elevation of about 10,000 feet, the forest got chilly, and snow still covered some parts of the ground. Both locations offered entirely different terrains—forest and canyon—all in one weekend.


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  2. Wonderful scenery of Colorado! Gonna watch that Escalante canyon later at home.


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