Monday, June 15, 2020

Wheeling in Colorado

You always hear about the great wheeling in Colorado. I have been here since January, finally just now getting a chance to experience the beauty of Colorado. Winter in the mountains lasts through the spring so getting out on the trails can be difficult. 

Not to mention the latest issue of lock downs. Sadly, outdoor activities were included in this lock down along with closed campgrounds and trails.   

A fan of of the Jeep Talk Show Podcast invited me to come wheel with him and his wife. He took us to his favorite trail - Chinaman Gulch Trail. It's a difficult trail up near Buena Vista, Colorado. This trail is open all year round due to the minimal amount of snow it gets. 

We all had such a great time we decided to meet up again for some more trail riding. This time Ron picked Toll Road Gulch Mountain Pass. It was a central meeting point for both of us.  

                                 Toll Road Gulch

This time I left my Jeep at home and rode shotgun in Bumblebee a CJ5. It did a great job pushing up the mountain. 

This trail has very narrow switchbacks and is scary, the heights. They say my JKU would have made it on the narrow trail, but it would have been tight. 

This trail takes you to Bonanza, a ghost town. A former silver mining town. We weren't able to get to the town as part of the trail high up in elevation was still covered in snow. 

Over Memorial Day weekend I took a rode trip to Western Colorado for some camping and wheeling. Another place with spectacular views in Escalante Canyon Trail. I met some new Jeep friends. We spent one night in the canyon and another in  Uncompahgre National forest.    
We camped right along side the coyotes. It was so peaceful night of dispersed camping. No noisy tent neighbors. Dispersed camping means we were camping in the wilderness not in a campground.  

It got chilly up in the forest as the elevation was about 10,000 feet There was still snow on the ground in some parts. Both these locations were two totally different terrains. Forest and Canyon all in one weekend. 


  1. The Bumble Bee jeep looks amazing, it is also nice camping outside Colorado. If ever you will be needing quality offroad wheels, you can check 4WheelOnline and choose the perfect wheels for Bumble Bee. :)

  2. Wonderful scenery of Colorado! Gonna watch that Escalante canyon later at home.


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