Saturday, February 6, 2021

TOP 5 Must Do with Your New Jeep

Embarking on my Jeep Journey: A New Owner's Perspective

During the Spring of 2013, I found myself at the threshold of a brand new adventure, becoming the proud owner of a Jeep. Little did I know, this would mark the beginning of an amazing journey filled with countless adventures and a wealth of knowledge that I've gathered along the way. Let me take you on a ride through my experiences as a novice Jeep owner, sharing must do tips for new Jeep owners. 

First - Get to know what your Jeep is capable of before you start making serious mods to your Jeep. Take your Jeep out for different rides on different terrains. That is if you plan on taking it off road. If you don’t plan on taking it off road, like I did at first, don’t be surprised when one day that bug hits you.

Second - Floor Mats A must! Especially if you have carpet.
Rubberized floor mats are the way to go. The liners with the high perimeter walls to keep all the dirt, mud and rocks contained are a must if you take your Jeep off-road. They are great for those snowy winter months when you track that snowy salty muddy mush into your Jeep. 

Third- Accessory Color
Pick your your accessory color because soon after you buy your Jeep. You will begin to notice all the other Jeeps and how unique they are. You will want to make your Jeep your own reflection of your personality.

The amount of Jeep accessories you can buy are vast. If they don’t come in the color you pick you can always use spray paint. 

Fourth - Decals A must do to your Jeep! A hand wave in your accessory color looks awesome. You can also add the name of your Jeep on the side of the hood, that is if you are into naming your Jeep. There is the windshield decal too. 

Fifth - Recovery Points  Even if you don’t go off road. You never know when your Jeep is going to be needed to pull out another vehicle.  If you decide to off-road good solid recovery points are a must. 

My Top 5 "Must Do's" as a New Jeep Owner 👉 Watch Here

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