Saturday, October 29, 2022

On the Road to an EPIC Adventure

I had an amazing opportunity I couldn't pass up -- an Epic Adventure with 4Xploring.

What is 4Xploring -- Plus the Trek to the Adventure

A Jeep Life with Jeep Momma Video

The 2022 4Xploring Fall Adventure was a five day, four night overland trip along the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon in the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. I was able to join this epic adventure at the last minute as a passenger in my friend's JKU.

We met up with part of the group Saturday morning in Cheyenne the headquarters of TNT Customs and 4Xploring. This was the start of the two day pre-adventure trek to Mesquite, Nevada where we were meeting the rest of the group at the starting point for the 22 Fall Adventure. 

We headed South to Colorado through the Rocky Mountains. My first time back since I left almost a year ago in that helter-skelter exit. A necessary departure to get back on my feet and heal my heart. Spending this the past year healing with my family was good for my soul.

It felt good to see those majestic mountain ranges again. It only confirmed I made the right choice to leave the Midwest and get back out to the Wild Wild West. There is so much adventure in those Rockies and still so much left for me to explore. 

As daylight was growing to a close we looked for a place to set up camp for the night. Cathedral Valley in Utah was our spot. By the time we arrived at the campsite, the sun had set and only the stars provided light. 

Like I have done many times in the dark, I quickly set up my ground tent. Then I spent several minutes gazing at the amazing night sky full of stars and planets. Even the Milky Way was out for display.

Cathedral Valley is a remote district at the Northern end of the Capital Reef National Park in Utah. A scenic back-country gem dominated by Southern Utah's soaring sandstone monoliths scattered throughout the vast high desert. 

The next morning we packed up our tents. I was able to get my tent back in the original tent bag. Pretty awesome! LOL! However, that was the only time during the rest of the trip. I came close a few times though.

Then we headed for Mesquite, Nevada. We were on a time crunch to get there by three pm for hotel check in. Our last chance for amenities before our five day overlanding trip.

 Along the way we cut through Zion National Park. One of the
five mighty National Parks in Utah. Zion is spectacular with breath taking views. We took the scenic by-way through Zion. Utah has 28 scenic by-ways around the state. 

The Zion Scenic By-Way is state road nine and flows through the towns of Rockville and Springdale, Utah. A entrance fee is required or a national park pass. We entered in from the East entrance and there was a slow moving line to get in. 

This by-way showcases stunning views of out of this world rock formations, mounds, towers and hilltops. Colorful layered strata's with a variety of colors of rusty red, orange, creams, yellow and brown fill the views. 

It's a landscape peppered with pine, sagebrush and wildflowers. Over a million years of water and wind shaped the landscape to the amazing views we see today. 

Once we reached Mesquite it was time to check into the hotel and a last minute check of the vehicles. 

Stay Tuned to my YouTube Channel, "Jeep Life with Jeep Momma" and this blog ,as I continue to share this Epic Adventure with you. Plus, some bonus material!  

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