Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Trail Closures

All across the United States our trails are being closed for one reason or another. The Forestry Department and the Bureau of Land Management are closing thousands and thousands of miles of trails every month. 

The off road and overland community is huge. The number of voters we have is enormous! We need to make our voices heard! 

How do we do that? 

  • Get involved! 
  • Find out if there are closures in your area. 
  • Find out where your elected officials stand. 
  • Voice your opinion.
  • Get your local clubs involved. 
  • Watch this video.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Wrenching on Jeeps

WEEK 6 & 7

Neil and I have spent the past two weeks wrenching on Jeeps and other vehicles. There was continued work on "Weedbrownie" the LJ Xtreme Mash Up. Every couple of weeks Corey the owner comes and hangs out to help. That's always a fun time! 

Neil also took on working on a Cherokee. The job started out as a crossmember replacement. Once Neil took a look underneath the XJ he was shocked. This poor Jeep was a hack job. It ended up needing new shocks because the ones on it were too short for the 4" lift. 

In the end we did a Super 44 axle swap, added new shocks, and new break lines. Neil even threw in beefing up the stock diff covers. 

Last weekend we found a good deal on a Ford F-250 with a 7.3. Although Neil wasn't too pleased with the paint job. The truck was at Burning Man with it's owner. There is also a roof top tent. 

When we arrived the owner informed us of a noise she heard while driving the truck. Well Neil took a look. YIKES!!! the driveshaft wasn't connected to anything and their was a hole in the transfer case. There was also an ignition problem. So she dropped the price considerably. 

Part of the deal we had to drive her and two of her team members to Boulder. We loaded up all their stuff and hit the road. It was actually a fun conversation and we made some new friends. 


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Nexen Tire Review

Nexen Tires has recently entered the off road tire arena. A new company coming into a already established world is difficult, but let me tell you... These tires rock! 

Neil and I were hesitant at first but we quickly changed our mind during our 10,000 mile trip across America. 

Last fall we set out across America to do some wheeling, meet Jeepers, and experience the life of overlanding. We took the Rodian MTX tires on every terrain we could find from lava rock, snow, ice, mud, sand, and on asphalt on the highway. They performed amazing. 

Nexen says they are born from performance and I would have to agree. They performed perfectly on all the terrains we hit. 

  • Forward bite on par with competition sticky
  • Lateral stability is solid
  • Unique sidewall construction 

That unique sidewall constrution was second to none. We beat up those sidewalls wheeling in Arizona and they were amazing. 

After 10K miles I found very little wear. And you don't need to air down as much as you would another tire. 14 PSI was the perfect number for rock crawling. Those tires performed just as good if not better then a tire aired to 10 PSI. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Must Have

During our adventure last fall, Neil and I had the opportunity to test out knives from L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives. Neil was really excited to be working with them, but I never understood people's fascination with knives. That all changed after the month long journey. 

We were given a personal knife each. Neil picked the Bushcrafter, and myself the Camp Muck. Wow, using this knife totally changed my outlook on a good quality knife. I don't leave home without my knife now. 

The blades are a superior quality made from a high carbon steel. Every knife they make is made by hand with attention to detail. The handles are so comfortable in my hand and I don't feel awkward using it like I do with other knives. 

Neil's go to knife was the Machete. He beat his to death using it for everything from chopping wood to clearing trails, even a fire poker. It held up amazingly and is still as sharp as when we first got it. 

Another favorite of mine is the camp kitchen set of knives. There are four of them in this cool holder made by Blue Ridge Overland Gear. My go to knife is the paring knife. Againm very comfortable in my hand with a blade that is solid. 

We were lucky enough to be able to see, first hand, the knives being made and the knife artisans who take pride in their product. Check out our tour video, one of our first stops on our Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure. 

I highly recommend getting one of these knives if you plan on doing any offroading or overlanding. 

Monday, February 3, 2020



I'm going to start with the positive first. I had come back home from the East Coast two days early (see below). It was a quiet three days as Neil and I were doing our own thing.

On Thursday, we decided to take another field trip. We headed to Saguache to visit Jeep Enthusiast Terry Gillette and his collection of military Jeeps at the Jeep Rescue League. Video coming Soon! 

Then Friday, we headed back to Delta, Colorado to pick up Neil's new toy, a 1942 CJ2A with a military body. Neil was so excited. 

He has been wanting one forever. However, he decided the military part of the Jeep deserves to be preserved so we are dropping it off to Terry to preserve this one of a kind piece of history for all to share in. In exchange we will get a body to match the CJ2A frame. 

I ended the week putting together my latest YouTube video. 

BYE-BYE Drama   

I had flown back to the East Coast at the end of Week 5 to see my kids. I was so excited to see my boys. I had found a $100 round trip ticket on Spirit Airlines. For a hundred dollars I will skip the free peanuts and soda.

It was great seeing my kids. We enjoyed our limited time together. All in all the trip was very eye opening. I actually went back too soon to visit. Being a guest in my own home was very difficult. Seeing friends was so hard emotionally, because it will never be the same. Trying to pick up where I left was not going to work. 

Then all the drama re-entered my brain. I was emotionally falling apart dealing with the separation and lawyers, repeated questions from friends of why I had to leave, being back in that environment was all to consuming. I was letting it affect me. It became very unhealthy for me. I was blowing every thing out of proportion. I crashed, so I left 2 days early. My time with the boys was basically done as I couldn't stay at my house anyways. I couldn't bear staying there and not seeing my kids. The moment I began driving back to the San Luis Valley I felt relief and the pressure leave. 

You know, everyone has their issues they are dealing with and I am not unlike everyone else. We all are going through something that can be very emotionally hard. I decided I need to be drama free and work on my future. I can't change the past, but learn from it. I have decided to stop focusing on the drama, as I'm sure you are tired of hearing it, just as Neil is too. He is a patient man, and I'm thankful he was here to support me even though I drove him bonkers. 

SO BYE BYE Drama. Time to heal and work on ME! It's a hard thing for me to do since I have pretty much spent the past twenty or so years neglecting me and my needs.