Sunday, November 24, 2019

Camping in the Cold

Day 3 Adams Extreme Off Road Adventure

I woke up to chilly morning temperatures in the tent at an out of the way campground in Illinois. I was in my happy place, camping in a tent just like when I was a kid. I have so many great memories camping with my family as a little girl in Minnesota. Sharing the experience with someone else who likes the outdoors and roughing it was the cherry on top.

The night before (day 3), we arrived just as the sun went down, and set up camp. Most people would find setting up the tent in chilly temperatures as the sun was setting a chore, but I was excited to get the tent set up and to start cooking over an open fire. 

I was surprised at the teamwork we developed that first night. It was like we were reading each others minds. We worked together like a well oiled machine getting the job done. Oh... don't get me wrong we still took jabs at one another.  Once the tent was set up we broke out one of our machete's from L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives. The machete worked like a charm getting that tinder and kindling for the campfire.  

I cooked up some fresh green beans on our camp stove, rice in the Jet Boil, and grilled up some Polska Kielbasa. It was so yummy for my first night of camping. 

I was disappointed to have missed Overland Expo East. The Expo was our meeting point for the adventure to get to know each other and get organized for the trip. Also, we were going to meet up with Nexen Tire one of our sponsors as well as meet Dan Grec from The Road Chose Me. Dan is my inspiration for this adventure. I would soon learn everything happens for a reason. After that it didn't take me long to let the adventure lead me.  

We made our way to Salt Fork State Park for the night. It was dark before we hit camp so we just set up the tent and tucked ourselves in for the night. Temps were getting on the cold side, but Jersey kept us both warm. Plus, I was camping in a tent, what could be better. 

We were soon to be on our way to the L.T. Wright Knife shop which we were both excited to get a first hand look at knife crafting. However, I was cherishing every moment and taking in the experience every second. 


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