Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zipper Pulls - Getting Topless

Getting Topless 
is Simple & Easy Now!

One of the many reasons I love my Jeep is the abilty to feel the sunshine on my skin and the wind in my face. This is possible because I can take the top down. 

It's a very simple process to pull the top back and take the windows off. It's pretty much a one person job. But you can't always keep the top down as it may rain or the weather gets too cold. That means zipping back up those windows.

Zipping up (and down) the window was a very difficult part of the process for me. My fingers weren't quite strong enough to grasp the little zipper handle and pull up and around. 

But now I have discovered a very useful tool that has made taking down and zipping up my windows a snap.

Zipper ties!!! I used to spend several frustrating minutes in the driveway trying to get my windows zipped back on.  These zipper ties have made it a simple, easy process. Now I don't struggle trying to zip up the back window anymore.

Some folks say oh you can make those pretty easy. Well not me I'm not very crafty in that way. So I reached out to a fellow Jeeper who makes them and bought a set of four. Now taking down and putting up my windows is fast and easy. 

I bought four Top-Zip Zipper pulls from Ken Johnson owner of Top-Zip Paracord Products for Jeep Wranglers. You can check him out @JeepJKguy on Twitter or send him an email    

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