Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bucket List: Warrior Dash Completed

Reflections of an Amazing Day!

Jeep Momma showing she's ready for the race

Saturday morning greeted me with a blend of nerves and determination. The prospect of racing solo, as a 40-something-year-old woman, stirred apprehension within me. Doubts clouded my mind about handling the obstacles that lay ahead. Yet, I repeated to myself: quitting was not an option. Running and completing this race solo became a personal mission, a testament to my capabilities.

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Jeep Momma eyeing up her competition

Team of One: Rediscovering Independence

Unlike most participants, who raced alongside teammates or partners, I stood as the entirety of "Team: Me, Myself, and I." The solitary pursuit symbolized a journey toward rediscovering my inner strength and independence. Conquering the race solo represented more than a physical feat; it was a declaration of self-reliance regained amid life's twists and turns.

A Free Beer after finishing the race awaited me. 

Testing Limits: A Trail of Endurance

The race course emerged as a testing ground for endurance and resilience. The initial mile led me into the dense woods, navigating treacherous hills that seemed to ascend endlessly. While others succumbed to fatigue and walked, I persevered, transitioning from a run to a determined jog. Each step propelled me forward, even as the trail morphed into a quagmire of mud and muck.

Jeep Momma jumps over the fire obstacle

Finding Joy in Adversity

Amid the collective grumbles echoing along the trail, I found solace in the adventure unfolding before me. Traversing the muddy terrain, I reflected on the resilience of soldiers who braved far greater challenges. If they could endure, then surely I could conquer this muddy mile with ease.

Jeep Momma uses the rope to climb up a wall

Confronting Fears: Triumph Over Heights

The ultimate trial awaited in the final mile, replete with obstacles that tested my resolve, particularly my fear of heights. With each climbing wall conquered and each obstacle surmounted, I confronted my apprehensions head-on. The pinnacle of the challenge lay in a narrow beam suspended 25 feet above a ravine, with only two ropes for support. Drawing a deep breath, I pressed forward, refusing to yield to fear.

Jeep Momma climbs up over a cargo net wall

Triumph Amidst Mud and Milestones

As I crawled through the final stretch of mud, a surge of exhilaration swept over me. The journey neared its conclusion, leaving me exhilarated yet yearning for more. The race had become a testament to my resilience, a reminder of the depths of endurance within me. With newfound confidence, I eagerly embraced the prospect of future challenges, signing up for the next race. 

Jeep Momma belly crawling through the mud

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Jeep Momma makin sure her shoes are tied

Jeep Momma down the slide obstacle

The runners start the race

Jeep Momma and other racers get cleaned off

Jeep Momma full of mud

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