Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Women's Wheeling Day Adventure

Saturday morning I got up bright and early before the sun was even up. I climbed aboard my Jeep and headed North. To a place that brings so much joy to so many people - Rausch Creek Off Road Park

It was the 2nd annual Women's Wheeling Day and I was ready to hit the trails. It would be my fifth time off roading but my first time on the trails with out an instructor.

As I checked in at the office a myriad of emotions were flowing through my body -- excitement, nervous, anxious and eager.

Eager & excited to get back out on the trails. Once you've been bitten by the off roading bug it turns into an addiction. You want to be in your Jeep out on the trails as much as humanly possible.      

Anxious to meet other Jeepers for the first time wondering if I would be accepted into the Jeep Girl club.

Nervous for many reasons. At one point I felt the butterflies in my stomach and was worried I might throw up. I knew I would have to air down my tires and I had never done that before. I was also nervous because I would be out there on my own making sure nothing would happen to my daily driver. I didn't have that comfort of an instructor to make sure my Jeep would be ok. It was all on my shoulders -- or so I thought!

Well, the last two emotions were very unnecessary.  All the women who came out to wheel were fantastic. I was accepted into the Jeep Girl club. They were friendly, helpful and gave positive words of encouragement. They made the day that much more fun! 

As for airing down my tires. I can't believe I even worried about that at all. One of the most simplest of four wheeling tasks.  I broke out my tire deflators and hooked them up. The only thing is to remember to re-air up your tires at the end of the trip. 

By the way, in case you didn't know -- airing down your tires is an off roading must. Lowering the tire pressure increases the amount of wheel surface that touches the trails. It allows for better traction and a smoother roll over the rocks. 
I was in one of the groups that stuck to the green trails.  At one point I debated going with the group heading out on the blue trails. The blue trails are more difficult than the green. My past two times in the instructional classes I was mostly on the green trails I felt a need to maybe move up. 

But upon the advise of some very experienced drivers I stuck with the green trails. They assured me there would be some intense obstacles.

And oh boy were they right. Right off the bat we hit two Rock Garden obstacles. Let's just say they broke me in. They were intense but my little itty bitty stock Jeep and I made it through with flying colors. 

I've posted both the Rock Garden obstacle videos on You Tube - My channel The Jeep Momma

All in all it was a super fabulous day with a group of amazing women. I can't wait for the 3rd annual Women's Wheeling Day. 

In the meantime I still have lots of video footage to view and lots of pictures to look at. Plus I'm thinking it's time to buy sway bar disconnects. There were some moments on the trail that they would have come in handy.

           Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!

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