Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Must Have Tools

In the past year or so I have been fascinated with numbers. Specifically seeing repeated numbers over and over again.  Ever since reading about numbers and angels I guess you could say I am a little fixated with numbers in my life. While I don't know if I believe in all that, part of me believes things happen for a reason and we need to go with it.

So after hearing the words "Harbor Freight" from three different people - 3 - yes it's a number with many meanings - I figured some greater force out there was trying to tell me something.
What? -- Well no one really knows, and it is up to me to figure out. Or it could totally be nothing. But, I like to believe my guardian angel is out their helping me along in life.

So, I'm going to go with it. I went online to see what Harbor Freight is. It's a tool store. Hmmmm.... I wonder if I have the tools it takes to build and maintain my Jeep.  But how am I going to know what I need? Ha -- All I have to do is ask. 

So let's take a look at what I have and you can tell me what I'm missing -- and why I might need it.

So here's my tool box.

What in the world is this? Oh yeah.. a Christmas gift from years ago!  It's pink! What am I doing with pink tools?  Hey, I could sell them for Jeep Parts!

Wrenches & Pliers

Screwdrivers - flat heads and Phillips. Wait a minute.  There are no flat head screwdriver in here.  Looks like my first item on my tool shopping list.

Okay I'm not sure what this is or what it might be used for.  I might have accidentally brought this home from the dentist one day. 

Wire stripper -- now I'm not sure I even need this.  I don't plan on doing any stripping while I work on my Jeep.

 Ratchets -- Work Gloves -- And Purple Sandpaper

And no tool box would be complete with out Super Glue. Especially for those Rock Sliders - HAHAHA!

And everyone needs a rolled up coil of garden hose to help lift those heavy Jeep parts up to your Jeep!

Okay so now -- What am I missing?  I all ready know a flat head screwdriver.  Oh and a hammer? Which about a month ago I would have said I don't need a hammer.  Women are not like men and don't need to fix everything with a hammer.  But, I found while putting on those sliders a hammer came in quite handy.  Sometimes a little force goes a long way.

Please let me know what I should add to my "Tool Shopping List" and why I would need to use it.  Please don't spend my money recklessly! I'm still trying to save for Jeep Parts.

Next time we will look at my "Recovery Kit".

            Simple Living - Enjoying Life -- The Jeep Momma Way!

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