Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To - Axle Lock Button

Last month on my JeepMomma Blog I was questioning some off road advice I received. I was confused, on how, and when to use my axle lock button. I thought for sure I understood the mechanics behind open differential and locking differential. 

But when I got back from a day of wheelin' at Rausch Creek Off Road Park a friend was shocked I didn't use the lockers the whole time. I didn't see a need from what I understood of the use behind the axle locks. 

Open Differential vs. Locked Differential 

It was my understanding that driving with open differential your wheels rotate at different speeds depending on the situation you are in. When you engage your lockers - Locking Differential - your tires will rotate at the same speed. 

Use of Axle Locks 

You would want to "push" the axle lock button in situation where you will need more traction such as up a rock or steep incline, or on a muddy straight trail. Like in this video I took when I was taking my "201 Class" . This is what I was taught during my Instructional Trail Ride at Rausch Creek. 

Well -- after further research and more advice from fellow Jeepers I'm rather confident in my initial assessment of the use of axle locks. 

However, I am still puzzled at why some one would use their lockers during their whole off road trip. My only guess is they are crawling rocks - big rocks - the whole time. 

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