Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Is it Cheating if I Push the Button?

Rubicon Mom

When I originally bought my Jeep Wrangler Sahara, I never envisioned myself going off-road and engaging 4 low. Now -- I can't imagine my life without being able to take my Rubicon and hitting the trails. 

First Time  

I still remember my first time -- who doesn't. It was exhilarating, exciting, and I never wanted it to end. No, I'm not talking about sex, this was so much better than that first time. 

What I remember the most was the amazing off road proficiency of my Jeep. I never knew it had such capabilities. My instructor, Kyle, guided me through the trails. He taught me all the different aspects of off-roading and my Jeep.  At one point I was on top of a steep, rocky hill ready to go down. He told me to push the button on my control panel - the Hill Descent Control button. A button I always wondered about -- thinking I would never use it. 

Magic Button 

I pushed the button, and started down the hill. He told me to take my foot off the brake. It was a hard concept to accept, but I had the utmost trust in him.  Once I reached the bottom of the hill, I was speechless and absolutely amazed at how my Jeep performed. To this day it still boggles my mind that the Jeep drove itself down that hill.

Since that time I have used the button a total of three times. 

Rausch Creek Drving 201 Instruction Hill Descent Control Systems ENGAGED!

Women's Wheelin' Day  Hill Descent Control Systems ENGAGED! 

Rausch Creek Driving 201 Instruction -- Driving down hill without Engagement

The Hill Descent Control system helps monitor throttle, speed and braking while traveling down a steep hill. Monitoring throttle and braking is one of the tips a fellow Jeeper said was an important off-roading tip. I would have to agree. Not understanding the full potential of your Jeep and the proper use of the brakes and throttle could get you and your Jeep into a not so good situation.

Off-Road Cheating ???

While I believe using that button is kinda like off-road cheating, it is giving me the experience and understanding on how to properly operate my Jeep while off the beaten path.

So, while I learn more about throttle and braking control, I will continue to use the magic little button until I feel more confident in my driving abilities. Each time I hit the trails I become more and more confident. So some day that magic button won't be so magic anymore. 

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