Monday, December 29, 2014

Steering Attenuator Review

This past fall I was approached by the folks at Powers & Sons, LLC. They are a premier designer and provider of machined steering and suspension components, systems and assemblies. They manufacture steering components for Jeep Wranglers. 

They just launched a new product (and website Performance Stability) called the steering attenuator. This product is designed for improving the performance and safety of Jeep Wrangler steering systems. 

The attenuator is constructed to reduce the harsh road feedback attributed to the stock JK steering system -- jittery steering wheel. It is a highly engineered direct swap-out for your drag link adjusting sleeve. It is intended to make the Jeep safer while improve your driving experience.

They asked it I would try it out on my Wrangler.

In all fairness to them and my followers, I did not think I had enough driving experience in my Wrangler or qualifications to make a fair and just review on the product. I am still just a "beginner" in this whole new world of Jeeps and mechanical things. 

I decided the best route was to let a friend, who has experience with the inner workings of a Jeep and has been a long time Jeep owner, try it out. He does his own modifications, and likes to take his family out in the Jeep. So, I sent him the Jeep Wrangler Steering Attenuator for him to install, test it out, and give us a review.  

He was able to install the attenuator this weekend, but hasn't had enough time logging some hours driving for a full review. 

Jeff: "I finally got the chance to install the JK steering attenuator by Performance Stability. Haven't had enough time yet for a full review, but here is the install video on how it installs. Pretty straight forward install, only took about an hour. Pics and review after I've logged some drive time with it." 

How to install the attenuator

Jeff: "Definitely notice less jerking when hitting pot holes so far. Steering seems a little tighter as well, less play in the wheel."

I'm looking forward to Jeff's full review of this product. 

In the meantime here's a look at what others though of this at the Wrangler Forum

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