Monday, March 23, 2015

Jeep Momma a Podcast Host!

I have been making some guest appearances on the recently. It all started back last fall when Tony from the XJTalkShow asked if I would do an interview on his podcast. We talked about my new found interest in Jeeps and Off Roading. 

Eventually Tony and Josh asked if I wanted to record a "Wrangler Talk" segment. Which of course I did, and had a really great time. I ended up filling in for Josh one night when he was sick. Then my recorded "Wrangler Talk" segments turned into live segments.  

I am excited to announce Tony and Josh have asked me to be a permanent host on their -- now our -- XJTalkShow.  I will still continue to have my "Wrangler Talk" segment, and will also be doing weekly product reviews.  I am looking forward to sharing my experiences with fellow Jeepers. I am also thrilled that I will be able to continue to gain experience in the World of Jeeps. 

Every Monday night at 11pm Eastern time we record the podcast live at  There is also a chat room where we interact with folks listening in. Then on Mondays, the podcast is available for download. 

The audio download -- Episode 170 "Big Announcement"

Or the video version -- Episode 170 "Big Announcement"

Either one you listen too I hope you will continue to come back and each week!

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