Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Steps to Protecting Your Jeep

Protecting your Vehicle From the Harsh Elements

Now that Spring has finally arrived, it is time to get my Jeep ready for some Springtime and Summertime fun. Now -- I know everyone says a Jeep is suppose to be dirty, but I feel a Jeep is meant to GET dirty. You still need to clean it once in a while to protect the body of your Jeep so it will last a long time. 

First, I broke out the bucket, garden hose, soap and hand mit, and began the process of washing off the final layer of the winter grit of mud, sand and salt. I was careful not to use the soap on my soft top, as I use the Bestop products for that.

Soft Top Cleaning Tips 👉 Read More 

I use a soap specifically meant for autos. You need to be careful what kind you use as there are chemicals in some soaps that can damage your Jeep's paint. Some folks use Dawn which takes the wax off your vehicle. 

After a thorough washing, I dry off the Jeep with a microfiber towel. For the first time I decided to try my hand at using clay bar.  Clay bar is designed to get the microscopic bits off your paint that washing can't get, like paint overspray, brake dust etc. I used Mothers California Gold Clay Bar Paint Saving Kit. 

Mother's Clay Bar Kit 👉 Buy Here

Simple & Easy to Use

It is simple and easy to use. First, you mold the clay into your hand. Then use use the included spray, and spray a two foot section of your Jeep. Then you glide the clay bar over the sprayed section until it glides smoothly. 

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If the clay gets too dirty fold over the clay and re-mold. You do this to the entire Jeep, not the soft top, or plastic or rubber parts.  After the clay bar process it is time to wax the Jeep. 

I Use Mothers California Gold, Brazilian Carnauba Cleaner Wax. Use a damp cloth to swirl it on. Then let it dry to a dry haze then wipe it off. 

Now she is ready to take out for a topless ride, or a day on the trails and is protected against those harsh road elements like salt. 

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