Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monthly Guided Trail Ride

This past Saturday I loaded up my Jeep Wrangler with all my off-roading essentials, and hit the road. I was headed to the Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Pennsylvania. Even though it is a three hour drive to the park, it is totally worth it. There are 3,000 acres of trails for every level of off road enthusiast. 

The other great thing about the park is their options for every type of off-roader. You can wheel with a group of friends or your Jeep Club. They also offer off road driving classes. And if you are not familiar with the trails you can request a trail guide for your group. But the best is their monthly guided trail rides, perfect for the lone Jeeper like me. 

This was my first guided monthly trail ride. Myself and 14 other Jeepers met in the parking lot after we all readied our Jeeps for the trail. I popped down the soft top, and aired down my tires to 15 psi. In our group we actually had a Bronco, Landrover and Cherokee join us as well.

Now it is time to hit the trails. There was a wide variety of terrain for us to wheel. Everything from muddy water holes, rocky roads, rutted paths, and steep inclines. For me it is a total adrenaline rush over each obstacle I tackle. 

Then... the feeling of pure joy once I make it over the obstacle successfully. On past wheeling trips I felt if I scraped my undercarriage or rock sliders it was a failure, but not anymore. That's what they are there for. 

On this trip I stepped up my game attempting trails and obstacles I had by-passed in the past. Like this trail on this video I posted on You Tube. CLICK HERE for video. 

There was also the big rock obstacle at the end of the trail ride I finally attempted. But since I have a four door and my wheel base is longer, I didn't go over the rock because I would have high centered my Jeep. 
But it was still an intense short little climb as you can tell in this video. CLICK HERE 

As always on these trail rides I always wonder who is noisier... My Jeep or Me? Check out this video of all the sounds on the trail. Which do you think is noisier? CLICK HERE for video. 

I really don't like wheelin' through the water holes on the trails. But even though I am tense once I am through the water again it is a pure sense of accomplishment and excitement. 

CLICK HERE for Muddy Waters Ride 

Wheelin' at Rausch Creek for me is thrilling and exciting. It is my version of a theme park. Each time I go there is something new and different. The trails are ever changing and my level of confidence grows. I am looking forward to the next off-road adventure, just less than a month away when the women get together for Women's Wheelin' Day at Rausch Creek. I can't wait!!!

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