Thursday, November 5, 2015

Evap Canister -- Relocate or Fortify?

Good News!!! I found a dad in the neighborhood who likes to rebuild cars, can weld, and ironically is rebuilding his daughter's Jeep. 

He is going to help me install my oil/transmission skid plate. Now this is an easy install that I could normally do myself, but with my back issues, I am not suppose to be lifting anything. 

I am in the process of fortifying my Jeep's undercarriage, so it will be protected when I am out on the trails. I would like to start wheeling more difficult trails, such as the blue trails at Rausch Creek. When I spoke to the guys at the Adams Jeep Extreme Shop they say I am on the right path for protecting my Jeep's undercarriage. 

They suggested the top three items I work on are -- the oil/transmission skid, the evap canister, and better protection on my gas tank. Once I finish the oil/transmission skid I will begin looking into my evap canister.

Adams Jeep suggests I relocate it over the axle. They can relocate it for me for a cost. Some Jeepers tell me I could do this myself. Some Jeepers say just to get a stronger evap canister skid. 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions... 

What's a Jeep Mom to do? 

What do you suggest? 

Relocate my evap canister?

Or get a stronger, tougher skid plate for it?

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