Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Barricade Slider Review

Jeep Armor Protection

One of the hardest things as a Jeep owner is deciding which Jeep parts to put on your Jeep. For me it was especially tough because I was so new to the Jeep world and Jeep modifications. 

I was looking at the rock sliders and armor. That is when Extreme Terrain contacted me about trying out their Rock Sliders for review. It was very unexpected and exciting. I decided on the Barricade Rock Sliders. 

Barricade Rock Slider Install  👉 Read More

Do-it-Yourself Install

The install was very simple and easy, just like I wanted. They were tough and durable. They could be used like a step, and the sliders look amazing on my Jeep. 

Off-road Durability

These rock sliders have taken a beating on the trails and are still going strong. They have slid across many rocks and protected my Jeep several times. I have gotten to the point were I love to her them sliding across the rocks because I know they are doing their job.   

Looking back this would have been the first change to my Jeep. These sliders have protected my Jeep more than once. They are unstoppable! 

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