Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Step By Step Diff Swap

Finally I got the courage to swap my Diff Covers. Doing this install all by myself was a huge boost to my confidence. However, the most difficult part was taking my own pictures and videos while swapping out my stock Diff Covers for new covers. 

Here is my Step By Step Guide on how I swapped out my stock diff covers for new tougher diff cover. 

Step 1 

Gather Needed 
Tools & Supplies

  • Drain Pan
  • Riddler Manufacturing Diff Cover & hardware
  • Lub Lockers
  • Ratchet
  • 3" Ratchet Extension
  • #9 Allen Wrench
  • Flat head Screwdriver
  • Mallet
  • Razor Blade Scraper
  • White rags
  • 2.5 Quarts 75W140 Gear Oil
  • Brake Parts Cleaner
  • Empty gallon water bottle
  • Mechanix gloves
  • Plastic gloves

Step 2 

Remove the Lowest
Drain Plug

I used the 3" Ratchet extension for this. I was not ready for the horrible smell once the oil came oozing out. Nor was I quick enough to get the drain pan under the draining diff. I got a little dirty. Next time I will not use something so deep. Then I will be able to keep the drain pan in position while I removed the plug.

Step 3 

Drain Oil
Let Drain
For Several Minutes

Step 4

Remove all Bolts 
from the Diff Cover

I was worried about this part. I usually have a difficult time loosening bolts. But with my Mechanix gloves, and a lot of determination, I did it! It took longer than most, but I persevered. 

Step 5 

Pry Diff Cover Off
the Housing Unit
I used a flat head screwdriver and a mallet to get mine off. Luckily for me there was some small gauges from the rocks. This allowed me to get the screwdriver in between the stock diff cover and housing unit.

Step 6 

Completely, 100% completely, Remove the Old Gasket on the Housing

This is critical for a good seal when putting on the new Diff Cover. It was the most time consuming of all the steps. I wanted to make sure I removed every bit of the old gasket "goop"

Step 7 

Clean the Entire Gear Assemble

I used a brakes parts cleaner. I also had to put on a face mask as this stuff is potent. I did this in shifts as the fumes got to be too much.  

Step 8

Attach the Lube Locker

Line up the lube locker onto the diff cover. Then carefully get it ready for Step 9. This was a little difficult trying to do without another person. 

Step 9 

Attach the new diff cover to the housing unit. 

Step 10 

Hand thread the bolts according to the Lube Locker instructions (star pattern)

Step 11 
Tighten down bolts evenly by alternating to assure the plate is mounted evenly with the same pressure making sure each bolt becomes tight but not super tight.

Step 12

Put drain plug back in using #9 Allen Wrench.

Step 13 

Fill the rear with 2.5 quarts
of 75W140 gear oil 

And what Jeep modification wouldn't be the same with out extra parts. Make sure you keep them because you never know when you will need them 

Disclaimer: Any advise and information provided on this blog should be verified by professional sources prior to making any changes or modifications to your vehicle. 

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