Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Women's Wheeling Day 2016

I took the day off on Friday to pack up my Jeep and head to Rausch Creek for the much anticipated Women's Wheeling event on Saturday. 

I checked in on Friday and headed to the hotel to 
wait for my friend. 
I was so excited to have a wheeling buddy. It is very rare I have someone ride shotgun with me. 

Two years ago, I met a fellow Jeep Mom online. I invited her to ride with me during my 201 off road instruction class September of 2014. Finally two years later our schedules meshed. 

Friday night was the Women's Wheeling Meet & Greet at O'Neals Pub in Pine Grove, PA. Hard to believe, but that was my first ever meet and greet. Amanda and I spent the night catching up, plus meeting some new awesome Jeepers. 

Saturday morning bright and early, we headed for Rausch Creek Off Road park for a day of wheeling on the trails. 

The rain sure didn't hamper the day's fun. 

Jeep after Jeep kept rolling into the parking lot. 

You could feel the excitement in the air as many couldn't wait to hit the trails, including me. 

This was the 4th year for the event. The first year there were 8 women. The next year was the first year I went with 40 Jeeping women.

Last year, the year I drove the Clayton Off Road Jeep, there were 100 women Jeepers. 

As word of this fabulous event spread across the internet, more and more women signed up. This year there were just over 200 women Jeepers. 

Many of the women wheeled their own Jeeps. 

Several wheeled their husbands or boyfriends Jeeps. Some even share their Jeep with their spouse. Yeah Crazy!!! Can you imagine sharing your Jeep? Not me.

I volunteered to be the tail gunner. In case you didn't know the tail gunner is the last Jeep in the group - the Eyes in the Back. Making sure everyone stays together. 

My partner and trail guide Mandy was amazing for her first time guiding a group. We were group six. 


Our group was an amazing group of Jeepers. We all worked together well. The men in the group stepped up and guided us perfectly through the obstacles. They were patient, encouraging and very supportive!  

Bouncing down the trails at Rausch Creek with the windows rolled down listening to the sounds of nature refills my bucket and restores my soul! 

Seeing all the Jeeps rolling thru the trails ahead of me brings such  a joy to my heart. 


The fall colors were an amazing sight, but even more amazing for me was pulling up along other Jeep groups. 

Recognizing other Jeepers who I once wheeled with was awesome. Shouting out greetings to each other across the trails, and sharing Jeep Waves always brings a smile to my face. 

One former riding buddy was excited for me, noticing I finally lifted my Jeep! 

Group Six tackled some green and blue trails. We were even able to head back to Trail 11 so I signed into the Jeep Badge Of Honor. Once again earning a trail badge. My fingers are crossed Jeep sends me the Badge this time. 

Trail 11, a green trail, certainly felt a lot easier in my lifted Jeep. 

Trail 11 - Lifted Jeep Ride Click Here

Wow what a difference - definitely a lot calmer!  

Pizza Rock was another obstacle we all tackled. We had a fender casualty at one point but it was easily pushed back into place. 

I was the last one to crawl down Pizza Rock. Each time is different for each Jeeper as the Jeep before you moves rocks or pushes downed trees out of the way. 

After we finished this trail I was told we actually ran the trail the wrong way. Normally the Jeeps crawl up the rock not down the rock. 

One thing I learned is not to let up on my level of carefulness - is that a word? After crawling down Pizza rock so smoothly I hit a bump in the road sorta speak. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out how "I BROKE MY JEEP".

It was an incredible day with some wonderful women and encouraging, supportive spotters. 

Every time I wheel, I learn so much about myself, my Jeep and off-roading. This day was no exception, so much was learned! I will share one of those lessons on tomorrow's post. 

As a former volunteer of the many, many school activities and PTA, I know how exhausting running an event can be. It is a lot of hard work with long, long hours and a lot of money out of your own pocket. Sometimes the work you do seems to go unappreciated. 

Two women, two amazing women, who I admire were the force behind this terrific event. Susan and Christie, a big shout out of my thanks and appreciation! Next year I am at your service! 


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