Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Jeep Adventures: Women's Wheeling Day at Rausch Creek

A Jeep Journey Unlike Any Other

The Road to Rausch Creek, PA

October 2016, I punched out early, eager for a weekend of mud, gears, and good company. My Jeep was all packed, and I was Rausch Creek-bound for an exhilarating Women's Wheeling event.

Two Jeep Moms

After checking in, I darted to the hotel to link up with my co-pilot. Excitement buzzed through me; it's a rare treat to have a friend in the shotgun seat. Rewind two years—I connected with a fellow Jeep enthusiast, a mom who shared my passion. We planned to meet at a 201 off-road class back in 2014, but it took us two years to align our chaotic schedules.

Friday Night Meet & Greet

Our reunion kicked off at O'Neals Pub in Pine Grove, PA, for the Women's Wheeling Meet & Greet. Believe it or not, this was my first meet and greet. My friend Amanda and I spent the evening rekindling our friendship and mingling with other spirited Jeepers.

Amanda & I

The next morning, we were up with the sun, ready to conquer the trails at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park. Despite the rain, the parking lot swelled with Jeeps. The air crackled with anticipation. Everyone was revved up to hit the trails, myself included.

Jeeps lined up in parking lot
My Jeep front grille
Jeeps heading out to the trails

This event has grown incredibly—starting with just eight women four years ago to over 200 participants this year. The word had spread, and the Jeep sisterhood was stronger than ever.
Many drove their own Jeeps, while others took the wheel of their significant others' rides. Sharing a Jeep? The idea sounds wild to me!

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Read Jeep off camber on trail

I took on the role of tail gunner, keeping an eye on our convoy from the back. My trail guide, Mandy, a first-timer at trail guiding, but handled it like a pro. We were Team Six, a dynamic group that meshed perfectly. The guys with us were fantastic spotters, navigating us through challenges with patience and encouragement.

Yellow Jeep heading to Pizza Rock 
Jeeps on the trail
Off-Road Traffic Jam

Cruising through Rausch Creek, windows down, listening to nature—it’s my kind of soul therapy. The parade of Jeeps against the backdrop of fall colors was a heartwarming sight. Recognizing familiar faces and exchanging Jeep Waves added to the joy.

In my Jeep on the trails

Hoodshot of Jeeps on the trail

Amid the excitement, a former riding buddy noticed my Jeep’s new lift—what a rush of pride!
Our group tackled a mix of green and blue trails. We even revisited Trail 11, where I signed up for another Jeep Badge of Honor. Fingers crossed they send the badge this time!

Trail 11 - Jeep Badge of Honor

Trail 11 Jeep Badge of Honor 👉Watch Here

Pizza Rock presented a fun challenge. We faced a minor mishap—a bent fender—but fixed it quickly. Each time someone went down the obstacle they would move rocks. That made each time a different experience for each driver. And yes, we learned later that we’d tackled the trail backwards. It's all part of the adventure, right?

Pizza Rock
My Jeep coming down Pizza Rock 
The final decent on Pizza Rock 

Pizza Rock 👉 Watch Here

The day closed on a high note, despite a little hiccup after smoothly descending Pizza Rock. Curious about my Jeep's fate? 

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Reflecting on the event, I’m filled with gratitude for the women who made it happen. Running an event is no small feat—trust me, I’ve been there with all the volunteering I did with the PTA.  A huge thanks to Susan and Christie, the incredible women behind this event. 

Fall Colors in the PA mountains

Every time I take the Jeep out, I discover new facets of myself, my vehicle, and the art of off-roading. This weekend was no exception, brimming with lessons and laughter. More on that in tomorrow’s post. Stay rugged, stay adventurous!

One of the muddy trails that day 👉 Watch Here

My group from women's wheeling day

It was an incredible day with some wonderful women and encouraging, supportive spotters. 

Women's Wheeling day sign from 2016

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