Thursday, December 8, 2016

Top 5 Jeep Wrangler Interior Musts

Rugged Ridge Floor Mats

Floor mats cover your carpet protecting it from mud, water & debris. When they get dirty, remove them and spray them off. Perfect for the Jeep Mom, Off-roader, and Wrangler owners who live in the snowbelt.   

Car Seat Side Pocket

Do you get tired of your phone dropping between the seat and the center console? I constantly lose my stuff to the SEAT GAP. This Gap filler will prevent items from dropping under your seat. More storage for your phone, tissue, eyeglass, and more. I LOVE MINE!!!

Molle Tailgate Panel 

This Tailgate Panel is a perfect solution for your trunk storage. Keeps items organized and easily accessible. 

Grab Handles

A must have for any type of off-roader. Even if your Jeep is just your daily driver this is a nice accessory to have. 

Interior Accents

Everyone likes to be unique. The Wrangler is the perfect vehicle to make your own. There are so many aftermarket accessories out there. Color is one way to give your Jeep it's uniqueness. Adding a splash of purple to my air vents was a great way to make my interior mine.  

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