Thursday, January 11, 2018

5 "Must Have" Jeep Kits for Off Road Preparedness

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1st Time OffRoad
When I became a Jeep owner back in 2013, I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the different accessories you could buy for your Jeep. Then, once I realized you could modify your Jeep, I didn’t know which direction to go.

Experienced offroader in my Jeep at Rausch Creek
Experienced OffRoader
In the years since, I have learned quite a bit from my experience, online research, and stories shared from other Jeepers.  Knowing where to start is the first step. There is so much out there, it’s good to have the basics to build upon.

So that is where my Series “5 Must Haves” comes in. These are a starting point that you can build upon. 

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5 Must Have to Be Prepared for Off-Roading
Remember this doesn’t include everything, but a good place to start and build upon.

#1 Road Safety Kit
This should automatically be in your Jeep even if you don’t go off-roading. Some of the items in this kit are jumper cables, jack, and lug nut wrench. More this kit in the upcoming weeks. 

#2 Airing Down/Up Kit
Tire Deflators, Tire Gauge, Air compressor are the main items in this kit. I love my Tire deflators from J.T. Brooks. I just ordered the pro-series. I'll keep you posted on how I like them. The Air Compressor is a good idea, if when you air down there is not place near to air up.

#3 Recovery kit  
This kit can contain many items such as a tow strap, tree saver, shackles, and more. I will have more on this kit in the upcoming weeks, as well.

#4 Off-Road Shoes
The right kind of shoes are important when you are out on the trails. I like my Merrell hiking shoes when I am out on the rocks, and in the woods. A pair of rain / mud boots are good for when the trails are wet and muddy.

#5 Tool Box 
When you off road you never know when you will break down or even a friend could break down. It's good to carry the necessary tools for trails fixes. More on which tools are a good start in the upcoming weeks. 

Stay tuned for more on my series "5 Must Have's"

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