Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tips for First Time Off-Roaders

Basic Jeep Off-Road Tips

My Jeep climbing a hill

When I first put my tires on those rocky gravel roads I had no basic background knowledge of off-roading. At the time I didn’t even realize how intense off-roading could be or what it was all about. I just thought it was gravel road driving with some mud thrown in here or there. 

There are a few techniques I wish I would have known those first few times I hit the trails. 

Off-Road Basics 👉 Watch Here

My Jeep climbing a rock obstacle

One of them was simultaneous brake/throttle operation otherwise known as “Two Footed Driving”. There are several off-road conditions that require this type of driving. When climbing rocks or stepped objects using light brake pressure with light throttle will keep the vehicle from jerking or lurching.

My Jeep on a decline

This technique should also be used when you need to stop and restart a vehicle on a steep incline. 

Climbing an obstacle with a spotters help

 Another important key for a successful off-road trip is controlling your vehicle. Each different terrain has a different effect on the steering which means you always need to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and maintain a good driving posture. 

Off camber at Rausch Creek

Even when your Jeep goes off camber you need to keep your back parallel to the seat. You need to resist the urge to stay “upright” and go “off camber” in your seat with the Jeep. This will help you become familiar with what it feels like and give you a better feel for off camber situations to help you control your Jeep better. 

Airing up my tires

Airing down your tires is a must to give you a bigger footprint while you are out on the trails or in the sand or mud or snow.  When you do air down you need to be aware of your air pressure while you are off-road. Reduced tire pressures could cause tire unseating and total loss of air pressure. To reduce the risk of tire unseasting while at a reduced tire pressure, reduce your speed and avoid sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers. 

Off-Road Basics: Airing Down 👉 Read More

Line of Jeeps on the trailCrawli

Slowing down in general is a good idea anyways. Take your time to traverse those obstacles and trails to prevent any damage or injury. Taking your time also allows you to enjoy nature and gives you a break from the busy everyday stresses of life.

Crawling over rocks 

Additional Tips

  • Never go off-road alone on the trails. 
  • Use a spotter if you don't feel confident going over obstacles.
  • Have a recovery kit and plan. 
  • Use the words passenger and driver instead of left and right when spotting. 

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