Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Top 5 Winter Jeep Accessories

Embracing Old Man Winter
Essential Aftermarket Accessories for Your Jeep

Welcoming Winter's Diverse Meanings for Jeepers

As Old Man Winter settles in, the Jeep community experiences a distinct shift in perspectives. While Southern Jeepers embrace topless adventures, the colder climate enthusiasts face an entirely different seasonal reality.

Challenges and Preparation for Colder Climate Jeepers

As the cold temperatures, snow, ice, sleet, road salt, and slushy mud mixture make their imminent approach, it's crucial to gear up your Jeep for the upcoming challenges. To conquer these hurdles, preparing your Jeep becomes an essential task.

Top 5 Winter Accessories 👉 Watch Here

My Top 5 Accessories to Make Winter More Tolerable

The Crucial Role of Snow Tires

Winter driving in icy and snowy conditions demands proficient skills, coupled with the right set of winter-specific tires. The relationship between effective winter driving and snow and ice tires is inseparable. Ensuring your tires are neither old nor bald is critical; worn-out tires significantly increase the risk of sliding on snow and ice, regardless of your cautious approach.

In regions prone to heavy snowfall, opting for snow tires with thicker treads or studded tires becomes imperative. These specialized tires offer enhanced traction for braking and acceleration, providing the necessary grip to navigate safely through challenging winter terrains.

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Grille Guard for Winter Protection

The function of a grille guard extends far beyond mere aesthetics; particularly during winter, there comes a point when driving your Jeep might lead to slipping and sliding. Whether it's a minor skid or an unexpected 360-degree twirl — occasionally a source of amusement — or witnessing another vehicle performing a slippery dance, a grille guard mounted on the front of your Jeep serves as a crucial protective barrier against front-end damage.

Whether you get an inch of snow or several feet it pays to be prepared. Don’t forget your emergency kit for your Jeep as well. Depending on where you live and what kind of weather you get will determine what to put in your kit. 

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  • Shovel
  • Emergency blanket
  • Hand warmers
  • Flashlight
  • Kitty litter for traction
  • Hat/gloves/extra socks
  • Extra food and water  

Floor Mats for a Mess-Free Jeep Maintenance

Floor mats are an absolute necessity, particularly during winter, as they play a crucial role in containing the slushy mess created by snow and salt, ensuring effortless cleanup. Opting for a high-quality set of floor liners is key to managing this mess effectively. Look for mats crafted from rubberized or molded plastic materials for superior performance.

These specialized liners typically feature deep grooves designed to contain mud, slush, or water, along with tall sides that prevent overflow into the carpeted areas of your Jeep. The added convenience comes from the ease of removing the liners for a quick and efficient cleaning when necessary.

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Winter Wiper Blades 

There are different kinds of wiper blades. Some winters you could use your wiper blades more than in the summer. Not only will you want to keep that wiper fluid reservoir full you will also want to think about getting winter wiper blades. 

They are built with a protective rubber boot that helps keep snow and ice off the blade and use a high-grade rubber for superior performance in the wet winter weather.    

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