Friday, April 10, 2020

Pinyon Canyon Off-road Adventure

Day 28, 29, 30  Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure

Lori Graves and myself

I spent the day lazing around the campsite with Jeep Girl Lori Graves. It was nice to spend the whole day just doing nothing, but hanging in the great outdoors. Tomorrow will be the day for off road fun. 

Jersey Girl 

Lori gave the term Day Drinking a whole new meaning. Even Jersey got in on the fun. Later that evening the other Jeepers rolled in & joined in on the fun.  

The Next Day

Jeeps on the way to Pinyon Canyon

Time to hit the trails. Both Lori and Jay Bowman joined me on the trails, two fellow Jeep followers on social media I got to meet. Little did I know the trail they picked was a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail! WOOT! WOOT! It was a great day of wheeling with some amazing views. 

My Jeep in Pinyon Canyon 

The trail had three difficult obstacles and the rest was amazing views of the canyon. 

Pinyon Mountain Video 👉 Watch Here

 My first Overland Adventure 👉  Read More

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