Thursday, April 9, 2020

Mojave Road Fun

Day 23 to 27 Adams Xtreme Off Road Adventure

After leaving Kingman, I was looking forward to the isolation of Mojave Road. It is an historic route across the Mojave Desert. A route from the Native Americans back in the day, but later became a thoroughfare for Spanish missionaries, explorers and settlers. 

The GAIA app sure helped keep me on track as there are so many two tracks, gravel roads, and wash outs in the desert. 

Before the sunset, I found a nice quiet spot along the road to set up camp and make some dinner. 
It was really nice to be out in the middle of nowhere looking at all the stars by a campfire. Something I could do every night. 

The machete from L.T. Wright came in handy for making a great campfire.  L.T. Wright Knives.  

The next day was all about finding those Mojave Roads history spots. I was excited when I found the mailbox.

I also found an old "ghost town". It was actually an old lava rock mine with everything left to rust.


A windmill still turns at an old watering spot for the
travelers back in the day. Old structures still stand and I wonder who lived here. 

There was still so much more to see but I had places to go and people to meet, so I jumped off Mojave Road, and headed towards the coast of California as our goal was San Diego.

Along the the way to Long Beach where I was going to hit the coastal highway down to San Diego I passed through Big Bear, California.

Big Bear, California is home to three Jeep Badge of Honor Trails. Little did I realize I was on a trail when I decided to take detour of a scenic drive. Not only was is scenic, but I freaked out from the heights. I  decided the trail was too much for me, and  turned around. 
However, I were able to hit the trail again on the way back and I was able to complete the trail.

I finally made it to the coast and spent the day driving down the coastal highway one. It was a nice drive all the way down to San Diego. 
The best part was Jersey's reaction to hearing the ocean waves for the first time. 


I set up camp at the KOA in San Diego which was odd for me to be camping in a city.

It was a night camping with sounds of sirens instead of coyotes, birds, and Big Foot. The next morning was time to be a tourist seeing the waterfront and all the ships. 

From San Diego it was on to Anzo-Borrego Desert where I met
fellow Jeepers for some camping and wheeling.  I 
found a nice spot under the shade of a tree. Jersey had a great time having the campsite to herself to smell all the new smells.    

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