Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Top 5 Camping Equipment I Use the Most

My love for camping started at a very young age. My favorite thing to do is being outdoors, sitting by the fire with friends sharing stories. I regret not sharing my love earlier with my kids.

Young Me and the fish we caught

The Good Old Days

Growing up in Minnesota and North Dakota spending summers fishing and camping are some of my most favorite memories of my childhood. Being out in the wilderness building forts, building sand castles on the lake shore and making smores by the campfire were how I spent my summers as a kid. 

Top 5 Camping Gear I use the Most πŸ‘‰ Watch Here

Todays Adventures

Now I combine my off-road adventures with my childhood love, camping with my Jeep. However, as a Jeep owner I know my space is limited. So, I need to be smart and take only the camping gear necessities. 

Two Reasons to be Frugal

When packing for camping in my Jeep I am selective. The first is the limited space for camping gear as my Jeep is all ready full of my recovery gear and tools. 

The second reason is I want to be able to relax and enjoy myself when I am out camping. The less items I have means a quicker set up, tear down and easier clean up which leaves more time to relax and enjoy nature. You don’t need a whole lot of stuff to enjoy a couple of days out in nature. 

Jeep Momma's Top 5 [Must Have] Camping Gear Items

Shelter -
 a tent & sleeping gear, or hammock, or the back of your vehicle. Sleeping in the back of my Jeep is my preferred choice which means I need to be strategic about what I pack into my Jeep. W
eigh your options of setting up and tearing down a tent vs. less stuff and sleeping in the back of your Jeep. If you have a 4 door.  

Cooking Grate over the fire is my favorite way to cook. You don’t need to have a big camp stove with propane to carry in your Jeep. Just make sure there are no fire bans before you head out on your adventure.  

Cast Iron Pan – If you plan your meals right this is all you need to cook. There is no reason to get all fancy out on your adventure. With your cooking grate, tin foil and the cast iron pan you can make some great meals. And still have time to enjoy your time.   

LT Wright knives & machete 

I love my LT Wright kitchen set. I take them with me every time. The machete also works great for making tinder and kindling for the fire!   

L.T. Wright Handcrafted Knives Review πŸ‘‰ Watch Here 

Camp Chair
- Camping is about relaxing and enjoying the simple things. I love chilling in my camp chair by the campfire. 

Top 5 Must-have Primitive Camping Items πŸ‘‰ Watch Here


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