Thursday, May 17, 2018

Healthy Reasons To Go Topless

I am so thrilled the warm temperatures have arrived. However, with the late arrival of Spring it means the April showers are now in May. So it's not Topless every day, but we are getting there.

Being topless in my Jeep Wrangler is so important for my mental health.

Did you know being Topless in your Jeep is healthy? 

I figured most people didn't know so I am going to share the Top 5 Healthy Reasons You Need To Go Topless in your Jeep Wrangler.

Reduces Stress - Which can help lower your blood pressure.  When you are having a tough day at work and your boss is being a jerk and your co-workers are annoying, get into your topless Jeep and go for a ride. It does wonders to your stress levels. 

Mental Health - When your kids are fighting with each other or being loud and obnoxious sometimes you need to get away for your own sanity. That's when you hop in your Jeep, turn the music up and just drive. It's like a Calgon Take Me Away moment. 

Fresh Air - It is so important to take in the fresh air from the trees. We breathe in fresh oxygen and expel the stale oxygen from our lungs. This gives us energy and then we are in a better mood. 

Vitamin D - Getting that sun on your face allows you to soak up the much needed vitamin D which wards off depression. 

Just Because - It's good for your soul. Enjoy your life and be happy.  

You can also check out my Jeep Momma's Garage VLog on YouTube.  

Monday, May 14, 2018

Cooking in My Jeep

I have always heard of people cooking food on the engine of their Jeep and was curious. So I decided to give it a try on my Jeep Momma's Jeep Badge of Honor Trail Ride. It is so very easy to do. Here's My Jeep Momma Trail Sammie Recipe Step By Step.

Gather your Trail Sammie Items:

Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap
Large Zip-tie
Frozen garlic bread
Ham or your choice of meat
Colby Jack Cheese or your choice of Cheese

Start with 3 sheets of Heavy Duty Reynolds Wrap to wrap your sandwich.

Place the garlic bread on the tin foil. Separate the two halves of the garlic bread. 

Place the cheese on both halves.

Place the meat on the 

Place the two pieces together.

Wrap the sandwich up with the Reynolds Wrap. Repeat two more times.

Place the Trail Sammie in between the battery and the manifold first thing before you hit the trails. You may want to secure with a zip tie.

If you are still running the plastic engine cover you will need to remove that. This plastic piece is for aesthetics only and does not need to be in your Jeep for proper engine function. 

Your Trail Sammie should be done by the time you break for lunch, usually about four hours. Take the Trail Sammie out and ENJOY! 

You may want to check out this trail oven by Black Forest Gear

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Wheeling With the Big Boys

I know I have said this hundreds of times, but I am going to say it again. 

"My Jeep has changed my life." 

Never in a million years would I have guessed that buying my Jeep Wrangler would have sent me on such awesome adventures and help me meet the most amazing people. 

The cool thing is my adventure continues to get better and better each year. I call it my Jeep Journey. This past weekend I loaded up my Jeep with my camping gear and hit the highway for a seven hour drive to North Carolina to wheel with 
Carolina Trails Off Road

I met the President of the group during an interview on the podcast I host, The Jeep Talk Show. We struck up a an online friendship on Facebook and I joined their Jeep Group. They were holding a Jeep Event, 2018 Uwharrie Spring Invasion so I decided to check it out. A weekend of wheeling & camping in Uwharrie National Forest. 

Friday afternoon I pulled into the group campsite and was greeted with warm friendly faces. It was so cool to finally meet Bryan and his family in person.

I set up my tent and started meeting the other members as they rolled into camp. Then it was off to Boondocks for a meet and greet. Then back to the camp for some campfire time, then bed. 

During the campfire, stories were told of other wheeling adventures at Uwharrie ~ Broken Jeeps, Flipped over Jeeps. I started to get anxious and doubt my off road capabilities, and the level of trails I could ride. But Bryan never lost the faith that I could wheel the more difficult trails. He continued to encouraged me to wheel the more difficult trails. 

The group was splitting into two groups, intermediate and difficult. I was wavering back and forth that night as I went to bed as to which group I was going to wheel with.

At the drivers meeting at the Eldorado Outpost  it was decision time. Hesitantly, I picked the difficult group. While our guide, Mike, was giving us the low down of the days plans, I checked out the other drivers. 

Yikes! I was the only female driver. I thought to myself I better buck up and show them I can do it.

The first trail of the day was the Jeep Badge of Honor Trail, The Dickey Bell. A 3.5 mile trail rated as moderate to difficult with a rocky hill climb obstacle. For the most part this trail winds up and down over red clay trails through the forest, a nice easy Jeep ride.  

I aired down to 15 PSI, disconnected my sway bar and spent the whole trail in 4 lo. Which later I found out some in the group only put their rigs in 4 low for the obstacle. Looking back I didn't need 4 lo for most of this trail.

Once at the Dickey Bell rocky hill climb the trail spotters took their places. This was an intense rocky climb, but my Rubicon with lockers and that 4 to 1 transfer case cruised right on up the trail.

I guess I need to give myself some credit as well. I have quite a bit of off road experience under my belt. 

Now it was on to the Daniel Trail, the most difficult trail in the park, 2.1 miles. The first part of the trail is a series of rocky switch backs. Once you make your way up that first switchback and onto the second you come to a "ledge" you need to climb. It was definitely intimidating. 

The most difficult obstacle I have ever tackled in my four years of wheeling. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my breaths were shallow. Everyone out there was so supportive and sharing positive words of encouragement. 

It was go time. There were two choices, to the right the easier route which to me looked scarier than straight up the middle. Straight up the middle was supposed to be the more difficult. 

Mitchell, my spotter, was one of the best so I decided to tune out everything except his direction. As I crawled up the ledge, the center, my Jeep shifted to the right and I wasn't able to see his direction. I had to back down for one more try and with the great guiding by Mitchell up I went with a little more skinny pedal than I'm used to. 

Then it was on to Mike to take me up the rest of the way to the next switch back. This time to make it to the next switchback you needed to do some maneuvering with backing up. A little too much reverse and you were careening down the mountain. 

The next leg of this switch back was a little too "tippy" for me, off camber right towards the edge. I pushed through and kept chanting "I've Got This" in my head. I was pretty proud of myself for not uttering a string of profanities, or so I thought. 

Check out my video on You Tube. 

As we came around the corner the whole area opened up to one huge rocky hill climb. The right was more difficult, the middle was off limits, and the left was were I was to go. However, the left rocky side was right on the edge of the mountain.

 Okay so I'm not sure mountain is a good description, but to me it was a mountain. So I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and followed the Jeep in front of me. I was on my own, no spotter. 

I tend to be a cautious slow wheeler so the Jeep in front of me got way in front of me. At one point I wasn't sure which way to go, so I winged it hoping I wasn't taking the route that would make me flip. 

Whew! I made it. However not all the Jeeps did. There was some trail damage that day, bent draglink, popped spring, sheared off pitman arm, broken axle. But I came out unscathed. 

The last trail of the day was the Dutch John Trail. The obstacles on this trail were no match for my kick ass Jeep and no match for me! 

Listen to my story on The Jeep Talk Show Podcast Click Here

What a super great day I had. So many accomplishments. The biggest was my confidence in my wheeling. I look forward to wheeling with the awesome folks from Carolina Trails Off road again real soon. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Fender Mythbusters

A little over a year ago I tested out some home remedies to remove the wax I accidentally got on my Jeep Wrangler plastic fenders. None of the suggested remedies worked.

However, I found a product that not only hides the wax, but makes my fenders look like they just rolled off the factory floor. You may need to reapply this product after it rains or you get your Jeep dirty as it is not permanent.  

Back to Black by Mother's is my go to product for my black plastic Jeep Wrangler fenders. 

UPDATE: After my video aired on YouTube a viewer shared he uses tire cleaner on his fenders. So I gave it a try last weekend. OMG!!! It works!  So easy. I just sprayed the fenders with Meguiar's Hot Shine Foam, once the foam starts to turn clear I just wiped it down with a micro fiber cloth. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Prepping for Uwharrie

This week is all about the prep. Prepping for my first ever wheeling AND camping weekend. I grew up camping and boating, but in my 20's got away from it. I never realized how deeply embedded into my soul it was until recently.

This weekend I will be heading to the 2018 Spring Uwharrie Invasion hosted by Carolina Trails Off Road. Two nights of camping and wheeling. I am looking forward to finally meeting some really great Jeepers. 

The trails are in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina. It looks like some pretty cool wheeling times. One trail I can't wait to wheel is the Dickey Bell Trail which is also a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail. 

So this week is all about the prep. Checking out my tent and making sure I have the needed equipment for camping. I am so excited for a new wheeling experience. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

JL Wrangler

Who's looking to buy a JL Wrangler? I am sad the JK/JKU are no longer being made. I can't wait for the new JT Pick up though. If you are thinking about getting the JL Wrangler check this out.  

The folks over CJ Pony Parts shared with me some a new reference they put together for the new 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler. They identified key components under the hood... 

...and on the undercarriage to help new owners or first-time Jeep owners with any modifications or work they might be doing on their Wrangler.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Rust Removal How To

Each year it seems the rust on my front and rear bumpers keeps getting worse and worse. It doesn't help that I drag them over rocks from time to time. And all that salt dumped on our roads each winter makes the rust grow quicker. 

So I reached out to my fellow Jeepers to ask what product they use to get the rust off their Jeeps.

Top 5 Rust Removal Items Suggested by Jeepers  
Permatex Rust Treatment
Rustoleom Rust Remover
Rust and paint stripper wheel

With each of the liquid products you must prepare the metal. Remove all flaking paint and rust dust. Rinse with water. Then the liquid products can be painted on. I also sanded the bumper as best I could. 

The product I found to work the best is Corroseal and Ospho coming in second.  

Check out my video to see all the products being tested and how they worked.