Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Rust Prevention Update

Late last fall I updated you about the rust prevention methods I had used on my Jeep Wrangler's bumpers. There were 5 different products I tried out on the rust.

Jeep Momma's Rust Prevention "How To" Blog Post

Out of those 5 products, I felt the Oshpo worked the best, but it still didn't prevent the old rust from coming back on my bumpers. It worked great on the rock rash on my sliders.

So I reached out for more suggestions. POR-15 was another product that was suggested. This past fall I tested it on my front and rear bumper.

Rust Prevention POR-15 Blog Post

Rust Prevention in 5 Easy Steps with POR-15
YouTube Video

I told you to stay tuned to this spring to see how the POR-15 held up. Well... let me tell you, it is still rock solid. However, both my bumpers are fully infested with rust.

The places that have powdercoat you can see the rust coming through. I really need to strip down the whole bumper and start over. However, in the meantime I will just continue to use the POR-15 until I have the funds and time to sandblast the bumpers.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A New Wheeling Experience

Finally after five years of wheeling, I made it to Gore, Virginia to take my Jeep off-roading. I've heard about the place many times, but never found my way there for several reasons.

I always heard they wheeled hard and breakage was not an issue. I also heard the trails were mainly for big rock crawlers. Now I can put those fears to rest. The Cove Campground outside of Gore, Virginia is a great place to wheel. Trails of all levels from one to ten. 

The scenery is beautiful and the 
trails are amazing and super fun.

I arrived Friday and set up camp. I was spending the weekend with Off Camber Crawlers during a Big Dogs Off Road event. Off Camber Crawlers, OCC, are a family off road group I am trying to become a member with. 

Like all the other Jeepers I come across
 OCC is awesome and so welcoming. 

I wheeled the level 5 trails just to get my feet wet to see what the trails were like. There were some intense moments on some difficult obstacles, but I powered through. I think I would be able to wheel 6's and 7's.  

I also took my Jeep on it's first night wheeling trip and tested out my Lux Lighting Systems Lights. 

I have posted several videos of the trails I wheeled, however like any Jeeper knows the video doesn't do the trail justice. The level of difficulty never gets an accurate account on the video. 

I plan on heading to The Cove Campground again, hopefully in a couple of weeks. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Just Do It Yourself

When I came home from a weekend of wheeling I noticed what I suspected to be a differential leak. Upon further investigation at least 6 of the 10 bolts where loose. 

Then I noticed the bolts in the front were different from the rear. The rear were hex head bolts with washers. The front were allen head with no washers. 

I had installed my rear differential cover myself.

However, I was lazy and let the dealer install my front cover when I went to get an oil change. I won't let that happen again. Why have the dealer do something I can do myself, plus it isn't that difficult.

I went ahead and changed the gear oil as well as the bolts. I learned some good lessons, thankfully they weren't costly.

Jeep Wrangler Differential Leak Fix Jeep Momma Mistake Fail turned Learning Lesson - You Tube Video

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

You Asked For It - You Got It!

My YouTube Subscribers have been asking for videos of wheeling in my Jeep from the outside of my Jeep. I am usually wheeling single, so to get video outside of my Jeep can be difficult. 

I know I could set up the camera outside of the Jeep, but I don't want to hold up the group. So every once in a while I get another Jeeper to shoot the video.

I was lucky enough to find someone to do that during the Krawlin' For Cops charity wheeling event I attended. Check out my YouTube Videos below. 

Two different versions of the same trail. One is from inside of the Jeep, Dash Cam view. The other video is a view from the outside of my Jeep. Black Trail 17 is an uphill rock climb. At the time the trail was somewhat wet from early morning rains.  

I am always looking for a videographer to sit shot gun with me. It's always nice to have video of my Jeep from the outside of the Jeep. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Rock Light Install - LUX Lighting Systems

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Jeep Momma's LUX Lighting Systems Give-A-Way 
LED Fender Lights Coming SOON!!! 
15% Off Discount Code: JEEPMOMMA

Just this past weekend, I finally installed the LUX Lighting Systems Monster Rock Lights. The company asked me to do a review and install of their lights. They said, they are super easy to install. 

YouTube Video How To

I was asked to do this in March. Unfortunately, I let my self-doubt hold me back. This is something I am working on. Finally this past weekend, I sucked it up and did the install.

WOW!!! It was very easy, even with the problem I had with my firewall hole. I need to quit letting my self-doubt get in the way. 

I was given the Monster LED Lights

LUX Website -- "The Monster from LUX is the ultimate LED rock light and is the brightest LED rock light on the PLANET! The Monster is perfect for the hard core off road enthusiast who does not compromise."

While I have nothing to compare these lights to, my first reaction when I turned them on at night was "Wow, these are bright". Super easy to place with their magnetic LED's. I can even move them if I feel they might get in the way of a rock.   

LUX Website -- The All New Smartphone RGB Pro-Installer from LUX! We settled the debate with this one! Thanks our friends at XK Glow we were able to integrate their controller and App into our Pro-Installer creating the best RGB Smartphone controller on the market!

Control 2 separate RGB zones with your smartphone and add a third zone for single color lights! Incredibly durable design with super easy screw clamp connections allowing you to run all your RGB products from one controller - not just LUX lights!

This is the system I got, however I have not purchased the app yet to test the smartphone controller. I am plenty happy with the old fashioned way of turning on and off a button. You know how I like my buttons! Eventually, I will be brave enough to move to the 21st Century of Technology.

First Step - Snake your LEDs for the Jeep from the engine to underneath your Jeep. You will want to know how much wire you need before placement of the lights.

Second Step - Place your LED's in your desired location underneath your Jeep. They are magnetic so you can always adjust them somewhat.  Use the black zip ties to attach the wires out of the way. 

Third Step - Attach the colored wires to the designated points in the controller box. I placed my controller box on top of the fuse box. I used heavy duty Velcro to attach the box. The kit includes self-tapping screws but I didn't want to put holes into my fuse box top.    

Fourth Step - Snake the wire for the on off switch across the Jeep to the driver's side firewall. 

Fifth Step - Detach the plastic panel inside the Jeep to gain access to the firewall hole. Then using a snake to pull the wire through the hole.

Sixth Step - Attach the switch to the wire. Since each Jeep is set up differently you decide where you place your switch or attach it to an AUX switch you may already have in your Jeep/vehicle. For now mine is up by the roll bar.

I am looking at possibly cutting a hole in my A-Pillar plastic panel for the switch. Or finding a replacement panel. 


  • Place the wires out of the way of moving parts and heat.
  • Test out the lights before completely attaching wires and pulling through the fire wall. 
  • Do Not Attach to the battery until all wires are securely attached to switch and controller box. 
  • Watch my install video. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Radiator and other Jeep Leaks to Look Out For

I took my Jeep into Adrenaline Off-Road to get my rear brake pads changed. I was looking forward to learning the "How To Change Your Brake Pads".  The first thing Jeff, the owner, noticed was the coolant smell. We got under my Jeep and saw coolant build up on the bottom of my radiator. 

Time for a replacement. I went back a week later once the new radiator arrived to learn the "How To Replace a Radiator". Even though it cost me money, it was a great experience to learn more about my Jeep and taking care of it. 

I even got a little dirty in the garage by assisting. I didn't do a whole lot, but was able to feel like I was part of the replacement process. 

Once the old radiator was out we saw the coolant build up!


Why the leak? The word is the new "organic" coolant used in my year Jeep has some sort of chemical reaction with the solder in the aluminum radiator which causes the leak. I am hoping the new radiator won't have the same problem. 


Thursday, June 13, 2019

My Negative Trait

Self Doubt - lack of confidence in oneself and one's abilities

This is my negative trait I am trying to overcome. It wasn't until this year did I realize how much self-doubt I carry with me. It has been a life long trait I am now coming to grips with.  

During the past couple of my off-road trips I began to realize how strong my self-doubt truly is, and it's utterly unnecessary. Even after five years of wheeling on the rocks, I continued to question my off-road driving abilities and Jeep knowledge.

A fellow Jeeper and great friend of mine, Bryan with Carolina Trails Off Road, was the first one to point out my self-doubt. He opened my eyes and I began to take notice of this negativity I put on myself. 

I don't recall his exact words, but in a nutshell he told me I needed to quit doubting myself.I am more than capable of doing the things I don't think I can or am good at. 

He is also the one who knew I would be able to wheel the three most difficult trails in Uwharrie in 2018, and I did, in typical Jeep Momma fashion. I was scared and nervous, but I didn't need to be. I was in good hands with a great spotter and a lot of experience under my belt. I started off with off road driving lessons and have learned from a lot of great Jeepers which means I have a lot of wheeling knowledge. 

SO Jeez Tammy... YOU'VE GOT THIS!!!

Then again during the Krawlin' for Cops event at Rausch Creek Off Road Park, I questioned my driving abilities when it came time to wheel a black trail called Cemetery. A fellow Jeeper, Alan, who was in my group pushed me to do it.

He told me I was way more than capable and my Jeep definitely was capable. So I ventured out onto the trail to catch up to the others. I ended up doing the first part of the trail picking my own lines. In the end I wheeled the trail without any damage and with great skill minus the F-bombs I dropped. 

10th Grade - My First Year of High School

I remember my self doubt all the way back to elementary school. I am sure most everyone starts out with it when they are younger. Even through junior high school, high school, and my 20's it continued. It is now a half of century of living and I realize I don't need this negativity in my life.

9th Grade Junior High
One more person helped me to realize I am a beautiful person inside and out. A blast from the past, a junior high school and high school classmate reached out to me during one of my self doubt times. He said I was attractive then, and still am and one of the funniest women he knows. That was another big eye opener for me as I never felt that way about myself back then or even a couple of months ago.

My Early 20's
I started to look back on all those years I thought I was not pretty or fun. All those years of a lack of confidence. On letting other people shape me. My Jeep in a round about way has helped me to realize I am a strong, independent, capable beautiful woman who can persevere.