Tuesday, February 8, 2022

[How To] Be a Jeep Girl with Confidence

Top 5 Tips

Jeep Girls standing by their Jeeps

In the past, many years ago, it was rare to see a woman behind the wheel of a Jeep on those off-road trails. Now a days the number of women off roaders has grown. Sometimes it can be intimidating to hit the trails with a group of Jeepers especially if you have never wheeled with the group before. 

I remember those first couple of years on the trail. I was intimidated being in a world made up of mostly men. Fortunately, I have always had a very positive experience, and everyone was so helpful and patient with me. That is not always the case.

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As a Jeep Girl you can be your own worst enemy. Here are some tips to help build your confidence on the trail and so you don’t ambush yourself.

Know Your Jeep! 

Jeep Momma doing an install

This first one is a biggie. Know Your Jeep! On a trail ride I hosted a new Jeep girl joined us. Someone else had been working on her Jeep and trailered it to the trail. Once off the trailer she got behind the wheel and we headed out. Not to far into the trail her Jeep ran out of gas. She had no extra gas, nor any Jeep supplies like recovery gear or tools, nothing. It is important to know your Jeep and have all the essentials. Make sure you go over your Jeep before each trail ride to make sure it is trail ready. It is your Jeep you should have knowledge of your Jeep.

Be Prepared with Proper Gear!

Holding my steering stabilizer

If you don’t know what you gear to brings check out My Off Road Guide 👉 Read More

It can be overwhelming, and you can’t have everything at once but at least get the basics. We all need help on the trails, but you shouldn’t be totally helpless. 

Know Trail Etiquette

Jeep Girl spotter on the trail

This same Jeep Girl was unaware of the trail etiquette and created some bad situations. Know the “rules” of the trail, at least the basics like the role of the trail guide, always follow the trail guide and don’t go off by yourself. 

 Always check your rear-view mirror so you know when your group has stopped. Those are just a few. There are more links of examples in the description.

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Changing my gear oil

Try to do your own modifications. Don't attempt a engine swap or lift your Jeep right off the bat. You can start small with a headlight swap or adding basic sliders to your Jeep. Don’t be overwhelmed and let the modifications intimidate you. Usually, the companies of the Jeep parts are very helpful, and you can call them for help, or you can reach out to Jeepers in a local group.


Jeep Momma selfie

Don’t sabotage your own respect by disrespecting yourself by posting those half naked pictures with your Jeep. Post with dignity and you will be treated with dignity.

If you are new to the Jeep life or having trouble fitting in, these Top 5 confidence builders might help you get a good start. If you ever find yourself struggling feel free to reach out to me I would be happy to help you.

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