Bucket List

This list continues to grow as I find new, interesting things I would like to try. Sit down and make your list. Make your goals simple to start, like I did. Then work up to bigger goals. It is exciting and very rewarding.

The first part is my Bucket List. Scroll down for My Jeep's Bucket list.

Wheel in Arizona
Visit Lake Tahoe
OffRoad at Windrock Off-Road Park 
Visit Iceland
Party in the Keys
Visit San Diego to watch the Navy Seals Train 
Overland across the US up thru Canada to Alaska
Jeep the Rubicon Trail
Hike Old Rag
Hike part of the Pacific Crest Trail
Gold Mine in Alaska
Canoe the Boundary Waters in Minnesota
Visit a "Dude Ranch" 
Visit Crater Lake 
Climb a Volcano in Hawaii
Revisit Yellowstone
Camp in the Grand Canyon
Visit Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Hike & Wheel Big Bend National Park
Visit Bond Falls Houghton, Michigan
Visit My Family Farm in Norway 
Visit all the Great Lakes - Superior, Michigan, Erie, Huron, Ontario 
Wheel Silver Lakes Sand Dunes

Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner - We did an Escape room instead-SOOO FUN!!!
Attend Bartender's School
Wheel in Uwharrie
Earn the Dickey Bell Badge of Honor
Earn the Peters Mill Jeep Badge of Honor 
Jeep in Moab
Visit Utah State Parks
Visit a Ghost Town
Ride a Mechanical Bull 
Complete my 50 Before 50 List 
Conquer my fear of jumping in a lake 
I swam in a lake in the summer of 2013 but I'm not sure I will do it again. 
Conquer my fear of heights 
I road the rollercoaster Intimadator 305 the 7th tallest rollercoaster in the World.
Off Roadin' in a Jeep My new favorite pastime.
Start up a new hobby  off-roading,photography, blog, vlog and a podcast - My Passions.
Get a Tattoo
Camping at Swallow Falls  
Run a 10K
Canoe with my Boys
Take my Boys Hiking
Make a New Friend
Start a training regiment
Compete in Warrior Dash
Try a new Tex-Mex Restaurant
Get Sliders for My Jeep 
Get Bigger Tires for My Jeep
Lift My Jeep
Niagara Falls 
Find a Job I love
Release my Past
Go on a Treasure Hunt
Go Dancing again like in my 20's 
See the Redwood Trees
Walk the Golden Gate Bridge
Visit Alcatraz
Visit Bar Harbor, Maine
Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco
Visit Wells, Maine (my family settled that town)

(no particular order)
MetalCloak Fenders
Evap Canister Skid
Colby Valve
On Board Air
Burnt Customs Inner Fender Liners 
Grease Gun
Windrock BOH Badge
Traction Block
Virginia BOH Badge
NC BOH Badge
LED Headlights
The Yeti from Steer Smarts
Tuffy Storage Security Console
Steering Stabilizer
Door Handle Inserts
Magnetic Finger
Jeep Trail Badge Rausch Creek #11
Jeep Trail Badge Rausch Creek Crawler's Ridge
Oil & Tranny Skid
Armored Diff Covers in purple
35" tires  GoodYear Duratracs  
Wheels 17" steel Black Rock wheels
3.5" True Dual Metalcloak lift
Purple Air Vent Covers
Soft Shackle
J.T. Brooks Tire Deflator Pro
Control Arm Skids

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