Wednesday, January 21, 2015

First Time Wheelin' in the Ice & Snow

I just love the Jeep community! Complete strangers one minute, and Jeep Off Road buddies the next. During my Women's Wheeling trip at Rausch Creek Off Road Park this past fall, I met a fellow Jeeper who was getting ready to install the same bumper I have. We talked for about five minutes, and exchanged email addresses. Well -- that five minutes now has turned into a wheeling buddy. 

This past weekend I headed up to meet my new friend, and some others to hit the trails at Rausch Creek. It was the first time I took my Rubicon onto the trails with snow and ice. It was actually my first time off roading in the snow and ice.

Now -- growing up in Minnesota and North Dakota I have had my share of driving in the snow and ice, but it's a totally different experience when you are off road. 

My experience -- yeah a whole five hours -- crawling over the  rocks seems easier with the snow.  The snow mashes down into the crevasses of the rocks which makes for an easier drive. Which you don't always want because we Jeepers like the challenge of the rocks. 

However, this trip there was not only snow, there was a lot of slick, slippery ice which made for another challenge. The first was being on the look out for those icy patches so you would not start spinning. I seemed to key in on those patches and my tires spun several times. The second was once I was crawling over the rocks, my rear end would fish tail which would throw my Jeep off my intended course. That would make for an interesting new twist. So there was still a challenge. 

Now the one thing I wish I would have done was engaged my axle locks by pushing that magic button. I guess that just means I will need to head back up there again real soon!!!

I was able to record video, and the Jeeper who road behind me did as well. But I haven't had a chance to even look at all the videos! I hope to get some posted soon.

Now, it's time to go log my recordings. I'd better hurry before my kids get home from school and my "me" time turns into "mommy" time.

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