Monday, July 13, 2020

Overland Adventure Ideas

Two to Five Day Overland Destinations 

My Jeep in Moab, Utah. 

Moab, Utah

Some people call Moab the Mecca of Off-Roading. There are over eighty 4x4 trails around Moab from easy to difficult. There are also several National and State Parks to visit. You could easily spend a month or more exploring this amazingly scenic area. 

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Hole in the Rock Trail, Utah

This is a Jeep Badge of Honor Trail off Utah 95 just west of Blanding, Utah. This trail isn't to be taken lightly, and needs a lot of preparation and research.

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Hole in the Rock Trail 👉 Watch Here

Mojave Road

The historic 138-mile road takes you back in time. With virtually no improvements since its inception, the historic Native American trade route and wagon trail remains the same as it was 150 years ago. Plan on 2 to 3 days to explore the stunning desert landscape and Joshua tree-lined routes.

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Mojave Road Adventure with Bob the Jeep Dog 👉 Watch Here

Rubicon Trail 

My Jeep on the Rubicon Trail

My Jeep overlooking the Sierra Nevadas, CA. 

Another historical road in the majestic Sierra Nevadas in California. The Rubicon Trail is known for its ruggedness and versatility, inspiring the Jeep namesake. 

Don't be fooled by its popularity, it's a grueling marathon through the mountains. Another must "be prepared" trail as it could take days. I will be sharing more on our experience on this amazing trail. 

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Colorado Passes 

There are several off road passes within hours of each other that make for a great couple of days of wheeling in Colorado. Black Bear Pass is one of them. This infamous trail is not for the faint of heart or someone with a fear of heights with it's steep descents, treacherous switchbacks and loose falling rock. The views of Bridal Falls and Telluride are some of the most amazing in Colorado. Well most all views in Colorado are amazing. Weather conditions only allow the complete route to be open for a few weeks from late summer through the early fall. 

Engineer Pass, Colorado 👉 Watch Here

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Along the Northern Rim on the Arizona Strip is some of the most remote places in the United States which makes for a great overland adventure. You just need to plan good because gas stations are non-existent. 

Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon 👉 Read More

Dalton Highway

A slightly more civilized ride than other trails on the list. It's still not an easy ride crossing the Yukon River and ending at the Arctic Ocean. It a 414 trip through the wild Alaskan bush and barren tundra. Built in the 1970’s as the service road to the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. There are steep grades, avalanche danger, and hundreds of miles between gas stations. A brutal gravel highway is not for the faint-of-heart. However the dramatic views and a glimpse of the Northern Lights are a good reward. 

Coconino National Forest

This trail in Arizona covers nearly two million acres in northern Arizona with a massive network of trails surrounded by stunning red rock formations. 

Other Overland Ideas

Tillamook State Forest in Oregon
Sierra National Forest in California
Big Bend National Park in Texas
Pan American Highway 

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