Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Frozen Lake Driving Tips

I have driven my Jeep on many terrains such as rocks, mud, slick rock, snow, dirt roads, mountain shelf roads, and dried up creek beds. Each one presents it's own challenges. 

The terrain I took my Jeep on this past month has got to be one of the scariest and most dangerous of all terrains.  A frozen lake! 

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We weren't on the lake for a day of wheeling. We were driving to and from a fish house, which if you live in the great frozen tundra of Minnesota it is a way of life. 

You shouldn’t take it for granted. You need to take many precautions and drive with care. If you are driving on the ice for the first time I highly suggest you find an experienced frozen lake driver to go with you because you need to be prepared for the worst.

[Top 5 Tips] 
I learned about driving My Jeep on a frozen lake. 

Know the thickness of the ice
If you have a medium sized truck you need to wait for the ice to be at least 12 to 15 inches thick before you take your vehicle out on the ice. You need to check the ice every so many feet to make sure the whole lake is frozen.

Drive with your windows rolled down in case you go through the ice. You will need a quick escape. I have one of those tools that can break a window, but by the time I reach for it in my glove box it could be too late.

Don’t fasten your seatbelt... again this is for a quick escape. 

Stay well-spaced apart from other vehicles and fish houses when you are driving and parking on the frozen lake. You don’t want all the weight pilling up in one spot. 

Don’t drive fast. Fast driving sets up a pressure wave on the ice that can cause the ice to fracture. My niece shared this with me and said a good example of this is on the show Ice Road on Netflix. 

Anytime you take your Jeep out no matter what the terrain you should always be prepared from extra gas to water and food, to wearing the proper shoes, having the proper gear the list goes on. 

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