Tuesday, February 1, 2022

What NOT to Buy for Your Jeep

Top 5 Modification & Accessories

Unboxing my new Jeep parts

There is a saying Jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket. When you start buying accessories and modifications that spending adds up, so sometimes you need to be smart about spending your money.

Unboxing my new rock sliders

When you start down the path of modifications and accessories, it can get out of control because you are so excited to buy Jeep stuff. It is almost like an addiction and can get out of control. 

Unwrapping my new front bumper

To help you save money or from being teased by your fellow Jeepers and friends, here are some Jeep Momma tips to keep you on the right path. There are just some Jeep parts that you should not put on your Jeep.

These are just my opinions as I am sure some Jeepers may not agree. Again, just my opinion I don’t meant to offend anyone.

What Not to Buy Jeep Momma YouTube Video

 Angry Grille 

The seven slot grille is iconic and what Jeep is famous for. I believe covering up the seven slots is sacrilege Why even get a Jeep if you are going to disrespect the seven slots with an Angry Grille? It breaks my heart when I see Jeeps with the angry grille as they are covering up one of the cool things about Jeep.

Electric slide out side steps 

Having a step to get into your Jeep for some is important. However, you need to be very careful on what kind of step you purchase. There are side steps that slide out from under your Jeep when you open your door. While these are cool, they can do a lot of damage to your Jeep or they could get torn off if you ever decide to take your Jeep off road. There are better options out there that are more practical for a Jeep. I love my Barricade Rock sliders. They protect my Jeep while I am off road and on the rocks, plus they work great to get into my lifted Jeep.

Colored headlights 

Led Headlights are a must, but please don’t make them colored. They are useless unless they are white, yellow or blue any other color is illegal to drive with them one, so in essence you are wasting your money. You would only be able to use them when parked. You are better off spending your money on some other colored accessory that you can appreciate when your Jeep is on the road.

Wheels with silly off sets and low profile tires 

Jeeps are built for off-roading and these type of tires and wheels are worthless unless you leave your Jeep sitting on the showroom floor.  


Let’s just leave fake eyelashes for the trendy young girls. These things don’t need to be put on your Jeep. Just plain stupid… In My opinion.

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